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The Impact of Innovation

The Impact of Innovation
This site investigates the interaction between social trends and ground-breaking technology. By looking at these two components, we can gain an understanding of where tech may lead us in the years ahead.
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Will Virtual Reality Kill The Big City?
A few days ago, I came across a fascinating article describing how virtual reality will reshape the workplace of the future. The premise of the article is that companies will use virtual reality to tr
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Review: Syma X5C-1 Drone Quadcopter
This past week I was given the chance to compete in a drone-flying competition and although I had never flown a drone before, it seemed like it would be a pretty interesting experience, so I gladly ac
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Top 10 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas For 2015
It may be hard to believe, but we are already in November, which means we are rapidly approaching the holiday season. With that in mind, it seemed like a great time to take a quick look at what tech g
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Do Violent Video Games Lead to Violent Acts?
While researching for a separate post (still in the works), I came across a rather interesting article from Charisma News titled 14 Mass Murders Linked to Violent Video Games.  Being a blogger myself,
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How to Watch Streaming Video On Your TV
Considering how often I write about the superiority of streaming internet video over traditional (cable or satellite) television, it seemed like it was high time I actually laid out which options are
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6 Innovative Transportation Technologies You Should Know
This is Part One of a Two Part series. Check back soon for Part Two! If you turn on the TV and pay attention to the commercials that appear over a few hours time, you might get the impression that the
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Careers Playing Video Games Are Real and Pay Well
Believe it or not, this week marks 30 years since the release of the original Super Mario Bros. on NES. To celebrate the occasion, it seemed appropriate to take a step back and really appreciate how m
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Top Stories this Week
I found some time to do some site maintenance this weekend, so you may notice that I added a new section highlighting the latest innovations in Transportation. This is now the third major category of
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7 Reasons President Trump Would Be Good for the Tech Industry
Since this blog is focused on the changing roles of technology in society, it seemed like it would be appropriate to address how tech might be impacted when the U.S. elects a new president next year.
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