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New York's Hottest Blog!

New York's Hottest Blog!
News, views and interviews. Pop Culture and Current Events!
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Name All Tunes Win $100
USD$100 cash prize to the first person who can correctly identify all of the songs mixed, in order, by title and artist. enter, follow me on twitter, then
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A Trojan.Mdropper is a type of Trojan whose purpose is to deliver an enclosed payload onto a destination host computer. A dropper is a means to an end rather than the end itself. In other words, the d
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So you want to know more about your origins, eh? Not sure what service to employ? I want you to take a good look at these three websites, then make your decision.I found the information on these sit
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Fears Of Business Owners
What Are the Greatest Fears for Male and Female Business Owners?When it comes to gauging your biggest fears as a business owner, several prominent choices come immediately to mind. Perhaps the great
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12-Year-Old Jazz Phenom Joey Alexander Brings Piano Trio to Helsinki Hudson
The phenomenal 13-year-old Bali-born jazz pianist Joey Alexander brings his trio to 
  • Club Helsinki Hudson - Friday, December 2, at 8pm. 
An extraordinary and uniquely gifted pianist from Bali, Joey Ale

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Snapchat said to have 150 million daily users, passing Twitter
This is pure BS. People love to stir up the dirt, trying to make headlines and inject chaos into normal situations.Snapchat has 150 million people using the service each day, said people familiar with
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Proper Branding Requires the Right DomainOne of the most basic steps required in any sort of digital enterprise starts with a relatively straightforward task. Selecting a domain for a website is per
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Norah Jones at Ommegang, July 21st
Jones at Farm Aid, October 2010 photo from Wikipedia
Norah Jones to perform with Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Brewery Ommegang on July 21st
GRAMMY Award winning, platinum selling artist is the latest

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Imagine a colony of robots the human-like machines created by men the colony on a remote island sent there to be part of the city of robots sent thereto learn about humans interacting communicating wa
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