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What We Should Pay Attention To When Travel In Winter

Nowadays, travel in winter had become the fashion. But not pay attention to changing the weather, especially cold weather affects the human body in the tourism, we may be invaded by certain diseases. Among the visitors, some do more outdoor activities, some the elderly and infirm people, these people, are especially needed to prevent the freezing and cold.
Travel outdoor in winter, human exposed parts or the peripheral parts of skin (such as fingers, toes, auricular, cheeks) if is a long time stimulated by cold and wet, may appear erythema on the skin accompanied by abnormal sensations, seriously can develop into blisters, ulcers. If you stay too long time in a cold environment, not only damage skin, may also cause systemic disease. In a cold environment, significantly the incidence of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, flu, frostbite, arthritis will increase. In winter tourism, the weather such as low temperature and humidity, high barometric pressure, and fast wind speed is very common. The data indicate that the temperatures suddenly drop or suddenly come to a cold environment tend to induce coronary heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. When the temperature dropped from above zero to subzero, the number of colds will surge in the short time, many of whom are young people. Chronic bronchitis may relapse in the cold and dry climate.
In order to prevent cold injury, it is important to pay attention to the warmth of the clothing. The outermost layer of clothing should be wind proof, can choose woolen cloth, fur or leather texture of the clothes; feather coat can form of the relative air flow layer, very well heat retention, is the preferred clothing for winter tourism. Underwear should be soft, absorbent, breathable, in order to facilitate moisturizing dry. To minimize the exposed parts of the skin, the parts that are prone to frostbite, it is necessary to regularly active or massage.
If in order not to damage from cold climates when travel in the winter, it is essential that enhance their own cold ability. Adjust your diet, increase metabolism, is an effective way to improve the body's heat production capacity. In fact, the human body needs to maintain body temperature in a cold environment, it is necessary to increase the metabolism, and when travel consumes a lot of physical strength, only to increase the intake of nutrients to meet the needs of the human body. In the diet of tourists in the winter, the protein, carbohydrates and fats the three major nutrients, and intake of minerals, vitamin should be more than usual, not as usual, too much emphasis on limiting the intake of fats and carbohydrates. Lean meat, eggs, fish, soy products, animal liver supplement are very good to supply body heat, visitors can eat more. In addition, correcting misconceptions of drinking wine to heat. Alcohol and water cannot produce heat, on the contrary, alcohol can stimulate the body's blood vessels, so increase body blood circulation, people will feel "fever", in fact, the human body is in the loss of heat.
People suffering from coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, on health factors to consider, should not travel in the winter season, in high winds, fog, snow and other inclement weather, the infirm should not travel, otherwise more harm than good.
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