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Traveling Sudden Acute Disease And Emergency Method

Traveling way if meet the sudden acute disease who should we emergency timely solve the problem? This is we often concern, to travel time is not too short, the tourism process will have a lot of problems may become ill, how to prevent and first aid?

Fatigue, heat stroke, hunger and other reasons can lead to syncope, when patients suddenly fainted, unconscious, pale, sweating, should first observe its heartbeat and breathing is normal or not, if the heart rate, breathing normal, usable thumb knead pressure patients li4 hole (the) lasts 2 to 3 minutes, general can revive. Such as when a patient is no reaction. Explain the situation is more serious, should make their head to one side and slightly lower, take after punch to the pose, and then take artificial respiration and heart massage method first aid.

General headache, patients may itself with both hands on either side of the head pressure temporal, pressure to pain and according to clockwise rubbing turn 2 to 3 minutes, can alleviate pain.

Stomach-ache, use thumb rub legs according to the patient's foot three mile hole (knees three inches, tibia lateral a horizontal refers to place), stay have acid hemp expansion after feeling for 3 to 5 minutes, pain can obviously reduce or disappear.

Blood pressure sharply
Press laogong point (hold hand in hand when your fingertip place), can control of blood pressure and gradually returned to normal. Particular way is: use thumb from laogong point began to press, gradually on each finger tip, or so his hands alternate; When press keep calm, breathing uniform. Conditional when shall immediately send to the hospital.

Angina pectorals
Have the angina pectoralis history, traveling should carry emergency drugs. In case of angina pectoralis, first of all lets the patient sit up, do not move, quickly will nitroglycerin tablet or JiuXinDan etc suit tablet on the patient sublingual let it contains the clothing, to alleviate illness.
Sudden angina pectoralis, and can't find nitroglycerin pieces and drug easy, available to choke the thumbnail in patients with root, let it have obvious pain, a pressure can be a put, for 3 to 5 minutes, and promptly sent to the hospital.

Leg or foot cramps, can immediately use thumb and index finger knead upper lip of the hole for squeezing 20 to 30 seconds, can let cramps muscles gradually relaxation, pain with ease. Or to lie to sit, unbend cramps legs, clenched his fist foot before, to lateral rotating cramps leg ankle, pang made check. Still can relax the body, in the direction of the body force switch feet great toe. Switch great toe, thigh to straight out as far as possible, and at the same time heel forward tic. This method is often a response, can be repeated until the symptoms so far. Easy to cramp in the passenger before departure will ginger pound, even the slag zone juice together inunction calf stomach, and then fully massage, the effect is more ideal.

Cardiac asthma
Rush for overworked, often induce cardiac asthma. The patient should be taken first half decubitus, and turn the rope tied the limbs three limb, every 5 minutes change once, can effectively reduce blood come, reduce a heart burden, relieve symptoms.

Bronchial asthma
A history of asthma, traveling should have asthma kang speed etc drugs, because the flowers and plants of scenic spot rate yo can trigger asthma. Asthma once, and he shall be immediately on throat spray to take kang speed, general all can work.
Do traveling with sudden acute disease and emergency method, everything ready, let oneself tourism carefree!
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