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Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, is truly the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and is one of the more remarkable places to visit. There's plenty to do in Dubrovnik, whether it's soaking up the sun, visiting places of history or having fun in the sea.

Here are their top things to do in this jewel of the Adriatic.

Scale the Town Walls: No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without a leisurely walk around the city walls. Built between the 13th and 16th centuries and still intact today, these powerful walls are the finest in the world and Dubrovnik's main claim to fame.

Visit St John Fort, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium: Combine your trip to the Walls of Dubrovnik with a visit to the St John Fort. It contains Dubrovnik’s Maritime Museum and the Dubrovnik Aquarium. St John's Fort dates back to the 13th Century and has grown extensively over the centuries. It traditionally formed part of the seaward defence of the city of Dubrovnik, a bulwark against pirates and invaders.

Visit Dubrovnik Cathedral: Dubrovnik Cathedral, or the Church of the Assumption, is actually the third church built on the site. The first, a Byzantine-style building, was constructed in the 6th and 7th centuries, before a Romanesque church replaced it in the 12th century. Then, the 1667 earthquake wrecked the structure. The final incarnation assumed the Baroque fashion soon after. Aside from the architecture, the artwork is of particular note, which includes Titian's The Assumption at the main altar. For about 10 HRK (or about $2 USD), you can explore the treasury that has amassed a large collection of previous reliquaries and several body parts of St. Blaise.

Rector's Palace: The Gothic-Renaissance Rector's Palace was built in the late 15th century and is adorned with outstanding sculptural ornamentation. It retains a striking compositional unity despite being rebuilt many times. Notice the finely carved capitals and the ornate staircase in the atrium, which is often used for concerts during the Summer Festival. Today the palace has been turned into a museum with artfully restored rooms, portraits, coats-of-arms and coins, evoking the glorious history of Dubrovnik.

Seaside Drinks at Buza: To get there, follow the signs that say cold drinks- they will lead you to a hole in the fortress wall. The Cafe hugs the rocks and fortress walls which translates into a great view of the sea and passing ships. It also means drinking and cliff jumping. If you have a few hours to burn do yourself a favour and pencil this into your plans.

Enjoy the Dubrovnik Summer festival: The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a music and drama event held from July to August each year. The festival takes place on more than 30 open air stages in palaces, churches, monasteries and forts around the city.

Explore Adriatic: Day trips to Mostar and Montenegro are very popular. Excursions to Mljet, Korčula and the Elafiti Islands and Cavtat are also very famous. Cavtat is Dubrovnik's quite neighbor to the South. If you are looking for a quiet day trip that will provide private swimming opportunities and more authentic Croatian shopping, Cavtat is for you.

Visit Lokrum:  A small, lush, uninhabited yet beautiful island which lies about 700m off Dubrovnik's spectacular coastline. With just a short 10 minute ferry ride from the port of Old town to Lokrum, this island can provide a few hours of fun in the sun and some nice hikes along Lokrum's many cliffs.

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