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Best Halong Cruises To Look Out For

Halong bay is one of Vietnam's most prized treasures and is a popular destination both for local and international tourists. The site is dominated by limestone karsts which rise majestically to provide beautiful natural scenery. Best Halong cruises are therefore an exciting outdoor adventure trip that will see you traverse across the beautiful blue waters.

So if you are a lover of outdoor activities then you will definitely be amazed by what the Best Halong cruises offer. There are daily departures and each departure provides exclusive and unrivaled cruising experience in the gulf of Tonkin. The Best Halong cruises go deeper into the bay visiting Halong bay, Cat Ba Island, lan Ha bay and Bait U long bay along the way. The Best Halong cruises range from one to three nights with visits to tourist attraction areas; you can therefore choose the best option that suits your budget for the Halong cruises.

The Halong bay boats boast of a sense of space, an abundance of light and the superior interior design ensures that you have the ultimate luxury experience as you enjoy the Halong bay luxury cruises. Some of the Halong bay boat provides additional comfort in the form of private space. Space and luxury go a long way in ensuring that your Halong bay luxury cruises experience is one to remember. Some of the unique features that can be enjoyed in a Halong bay boat include climate control thermostats, telephone, in cabin refrigerator and hair dryer.

You can take advantage of Halong bay luxury cruises by taking part in excellent fishing through a Halong bay boat whereby there are over 200 species of fish that swim within the blue waters. The bay has a 120km long coastline and has an area of 1553 square kilometers; this fascinating scene has been designated as a UNESCO world natural heritage site. The climate consists of both a hot summer and a dry cold winter.

The Halong bay luxury cruises are offered by professionals who will ensure that your safety is a priority from the moment you are on board the Halong bay boat to the final moment when the cruise ends, you should therefore sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Most individuals who have taken a cruise to Halong bay have shared their experience and described it as breathtaking and rewarding; this being the case you should not be left behind, everyone is welcome to the Halong bay cruise tour.

It is highly rewarding to take the Halong bay cruise tour with your family, this opportunity is suitable for bonding and relaxing together. As mentioned earlier the cost of the Halong bay cruise tour will depend on the number of nights you intend to spend.

So if you have been planning for a family getaway it would be worth it to consider a Halong bay cruise tour as the perfect destination for a relaxed outdoor experience. Halong bay trips will continue to remain as an attractive tourist destination for years to come.


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