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Use Technology To Address Teen Driver Facebook Addiction

When someone gets to drive a car for the first time, i.e. when they attain the legal age to get their driving license they are naturally excited. Taking out the car for a drive becomes a passion. However, there is a difference between taking driving lessons and actually driving a car on the road. This is where teens falter the most. And to complicate things there is now the menace of smartphones. Teen driver Facebook addiction is a dangerous addiction and it needs to be got rid of at any cost. A teen driver is very much liable to use their smartphone while driving and this makes them dangerous drivers.

75% of all teens have said that they and their friends use their phone for texting while driving. Driving requires a keen sense of observation of the road and also to react and respond to situations immediately. One never knows when a rogue driver would cut across lanes or appear out of nowhere. Now imagine such a situation when a teen driver has been using their phone for texting. Their reaction time is bound to be slower than usual and this could result in a fatal accident. In fact 23 times more accidents are caused due to use of phones while driving. And if you thought drunk driving caused enough accidents you will be alarmed to know that teen driver Facebook or other phone related addiction causes two times more accidents than drunk driving. The fact is startling but it is a fact.

Teenage is such an age when the world seems to be at one’s feet. Teenagers feel that can do anything and get away with it. The moment they are behind the wheel of their car they are on top of the world. And since they are full of energy and verve all the time reckless driving comes easy to them. But you as adults know how driving rules work. A small mistake somewhere and someone could be put behind bars. Hence, it is your responsibility to make a teen driver at home to be aware of the dangers on the road and the various issues that can crop up.

There was a time when people would use their phones for talking and texting. But the smartphones have changed all of that. Now people use their phones for playing games, browsing the internet, playing games, downloading and using various apps and using their phone for social networking updates. Facebook being Facebook teen driver Facebook addiction is a real danger and the sooner it is got rid of the better it is for everyone – the teen driver at your home and other people on the roads.

You can use technology to get rid of teen driver Facebook addiction. A small app can render the phone useless the moment a teen driver starts driving the car. No calls, no texting, no Facebook and no games – this is what the app can do. Get it today and you will sleep better when your teen son or daughter is driving their car.

You need to be extremely cautious when you have a teen driver at home. Teen driver Facebook addiction can be dangerous and you should address this issue using technology.