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Top Five Tips For Maintaining Projector Bulbs

All bulbs, be it electric bulbs or a flashlight bulb or an incandescent bulb, generate heat. Likewise, projector bulbs also generate heat. They, however, produce heat in much more amount as compared to the other bulbs and thus create the possibility of failing any time unexpectedly. The projector bulb emits stronger and brighter light than the other bulbs therefore making themselves sensitive particularly when they are in use.

The main reason that some projector lamps die a premature death is that the bulbs themselves are misused as well as the projectors. The device is very much vulnerable when itís in use and running.

The following are few tips on how to get the maximum out of your projector bulb:

1) The bulbs could be made to last longer by operating the projector at its lowest setting where the light is just bright enough. The added advantage is the lower consumption of electricity. Many of the projectors can be adjusted for their brightness and in so doing you could increase the life span of the projector lamp by hours. Thus the need for buying a new lamp will not arise any time soon. For example, the life of a bulb that is typically set at 2000 lumens of brightness and can last for up to 2000 hours can be prolonged for 1000 more hours just by dimming it to 1600 lumens.†

2) Never move a projector while it is in use. The device is highly sensitive when in use. Moving while the bulb is still hot can result in the bulb bursting. It is generally good to wait for about at least five minutes after switching off the equipment in order to move or transfer it to a new destination.

3) It is imperative that the projector be kept in a room with enough space so as to avoid contact with other objects around it. The temperature of the room should also be monitored regularly. Abrupt changes in temperature as of shifting from hot to cold and back can lower the life of your bulb.

4) In order to make the bulb last longer, it should be allowed to cool down after use. Failing to do so shortens the life of the bulb as it does not get a chance to adjust to the temperatures surrounding it. Always allow the projector to stand for few minutes before moving it or removing† the bulb. Never attempt to move it while it is powering down. It is always advisable to check with the dealers about the best safety practices to follow while turning off and transporting the device as different models have slightly different settings.

5) By now it must be clear that temperature plays a crucial role in extending the life of this device. Extreme care must be taken not to expose the projector bulbs or the projectors to scorching heat or extreme colds. Make sure proper climate control devices are in place to help bring the ambient temperatures to acceptable range while transporting them in and out and before switching them on again. Otherwise the sudden change in ambient temperature can shorten the life of the projector bulb and may also lead to the situation where the bulb might burst.

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