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The Advantages Of Text Pinger

Anyone with an iPhone needs to take advantage of the text pinger. The text pinger is an app that allows the user to send text messages from their phone absolutely free. This can help them save a lot of money because text messaging can get to be quite pricy when it is used often or the limit of free messaging is used up.

pinger">Text pinger really come in handy as the popularity of this form of communication continues to be on the rise.

It used to be that Text Free pinger can for a small monthly charge of $5.99. This was the version that came without ads. Now, however, it is absolutely free. There is no charge at all to users. They can send texts as much as they like without having to worry about going over limits or having to view any ads. They get this great service absolutely free.

What is really impressive about the text free pinger is that it can show when a message has been received even if the app is not open by sending a notification via email. With this function, users do not have to worry about missing any messages. There is one catch to this however, the party sending the message has to also be using a text free pinger.

For a while this service was even coming with a free texting number, but this might not still be available. Yet, even without this add-on text pinger is an amazing app. It being free is the most amazing part. Those who have not yet found out about this wonderful service are probably paying too much money for their texting services. Those who send out a lot of texts can save significant sums of money every year.

There is no reason to pay more than you have to for cell phone service. While some of the higher priced plans may come with unlimited texting, others may not Testing is continuing to grow in popularity as a form of communication. It makes sending and receiving information to others very easy. Rather than having to dial a number to give or get just a bit of information texters can just type their message and send it on. The receiver will reply as soon as they have the opportunity. This process is faster than email because there is no waiting to log in and open the mail.

There are many people who have come so attached to free text pinger that they could not imagine having an iPhone without it. This is starting to be one of the first apps that people download when they get their new iPhones. Text Pinger is a powerful and helpful app.