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The Advantages Of Developing An Html5 App

The mobile OS revolution has galvanized HTML5 app developers to rise up to the occasion. No more are their jobs just limited to the web. And that is a very good reason to opt for creating HTML5-driven applications.

Smartphones and tablets have ushered in a Post-PC / PC+ era (depending on who you listen to). And a major reason behind this paradigm shift has got to do with consumers' choice to download apps on their mobile devices that they use for everyday purposes. HTML5 developers are exactly what you need to bridge the PC and mobile divide.

For a Start

Mobile app developers have to think long and hard about their play. There are only two ways to go on when developing an app –

Learn the native code development tools for one particular platform Adopt HTML5 coding to make apps for all mobile platforms

Each strategy has their list of veritable pros and cons. For the purposes of this article we are going to focus exclusively on HTML5 app developers and the advantages they enjoy over native coders.

So why HTML5 app development? What are the obvious benefits of going for this technology in developing and deploying your mobile apps? Here are 5 reasons why HTML5 developers are helping to shake up traditional app development practices:

  1.  Its multi-platform

Suppose you want to make one app that should run on all mobile platforms. Maybe it's because you need to save on development time and costs. Maybe your HTML5 app demands to take its rightful place on iPhones, Androids and Windows Phones in one fell swoop. No matter whatever your app deployment strategy, focusing exclusively on HTML5 app development fits all sizes and platforms.

     2. Across the clock-reliability

HTML5 app developers are often tasked with developing apps that use data from one centralized database. If there is a glitch, it can be easily fixed and rectified. Also, you are not beholden to the platform provider when it comes to the question of app updates, maintenance, etc. This makes HTML5 apps enjoy access to seamless support from the developers themselves.

      3. Visual Representation of Data made Easy

For apps that rely on a lot of number-crunching and charts to make sense of it all, HTML5 app development is the way to go. People like data charts that are displayed in an easy-to-digest visual format. If you want to develop an intuitive data-vis app, hiring HTML5 developers is your best bet.

By now, it's hard not to discount the viability of the HTML5 platform. HTML5 app developers will continue to set the bar high in the foreseeable future so make sure you are not at the wrong site of the fence.