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Popular Advantages Of Silverlight Development

Silverlight development is an application framework offered by Microsoft. It can easily write and run rich internet applications along with several multimedia, animations and graphics options. Silverlight stands head to head in competition with Adobe flash/flex development. Silverlight was released by Microsoft in the year 2007 and the version 1 met with relatively good success. The latest release is expected to be Silverlight version 6 but not many are sure about the release. Silverlight has been made compatible with different web browsers along with operating systems. Silverlight has been the flagship of the company and the five versions that it has released have resulted in mind-blowing effects and web scripts. There are many unique features that the platform boasts about. As a result of the advantages, millions of users are keen to incorporate it in their web pages. Here are some of the major advantages of Silverlight development:

Silverlight development is based on Microsoft technologies which is able to deliver results which are pleasing to the eye and secured too

One of the most important benefits of Silverlight apps is that they can be cross-linked with multiple browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. This proves to be useful for many developers.

Silverlight development is perfect for working on Windows and Mac OS X since the operating systems are good for supporting the platform.

It supports multiple programming languages such as C, C#, C++, and even JAVA/AJAX which allows different developers to try their hands on the platform for creating innovative graphics and programs.

The important benefit of Silverlight is that it can even be integrated with its competitor Adobe Flash/Flex development for creating rich web apps.

Silverlight support several Microsoft technologies including the every successful and efficient .NET framework and Microsoft Visual Basic.

Silverlight also presents intricate and effective solutions for developing rich internet applications which can be used for making web-based applications, custom solutions integrated with CRM, custom solutions for content management, online e-commerce stores, ecommerce site development, and domain support web applications.

Silverlight development has given several options for developers, programmers and offshore software development companies since it presents extensive features for excellent templates and themes. What’s more, the application framework has fantastic new add-ons which help in their client’s requirements.

Silverlight supports integration and running of high-definition video files, and also runs the heavy files related to vector and other rich graphics smoothly and seamlessly. Silverlight supports impeccable animations and has mostly succeeded to give an elegant feel to the websites.

Silverlight development provides comprehensive solutions for the mobile development of the Windows Mobile 7 series. With Microsoft support, it is easy to propose solutions for creating mobile-specific sites and graphics.

Silverlight’s future is unknown but there is no doubt to the ability of the platform for providing impeccable graphics and animations. With so many advantages and benefits, Silverlight will always make a mark in the designer’s minds. There are worthy solutions provided by the platform related to web design and development.

John Monatta is professional content writer who works for Silverlight development company. He is expertise in content writing of CRM solutions, CRM integration, rich internet application development like Silverlight Application development and AJAX development.