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Best Ways To Recycle A Printer Cartridge

For those who have printers, have that empty printer cartridge be valuable again as it was when it still have lots of ink helping you produce your papers for school or work. If you are thinking that it has served its purpose upon dripping its last drop of ink, you are wrong. You can actually make money out of it while keeping them from piling in landfills and adding harm to the environment.

- You do not have to throw away those empty cartridges piling in one corner of your home. One way to restore its value is by bringing it to recycling centers or back to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have their own recycling centers. One is example is the HP. Though it can only accept original HP printing cartridges.

United States Postal Office also offers free mail-back envelopes for printer cartridge recycling. Visit your local Post Office to get these free envelopes. It also accepts cell phones, digital cameras and other small electronic gadgets.

Walgreens and Staples also accept empty HP cartridges. Just bring it to their photo counter and they will ship it back to HP recycling center.
- Another way is by having that empty cartridge refilled. Cartridge World is one of the most popular cartridge refilling system. You may bring your empty cartridge there and depending on the cartridge type, you may not need to wait. If there are stocks available, they would instantly give you an already refilled cartridge of the same type.

Walgreens and some Office Depot branches also refills empty cartridges.

- You can also send empty cartridges for cash. is one recycling facility that would pay you if you ship them at least 20 or more cartridges.

- You can also buy re-manufactured cartridges as a way of helping the Earth. Re-manufacturing cartridges uses less 80% of energy compared to manufacturing a new one and it reduces at least 3 lbs. of solid waste in landfills.

They are available after a number of empty cartridges are collected, sorted, dismantled, cleaned, refilled and repacked for sale. The Green Office is one store where you can these re-manufactured cartridges in your hands.

- You may also contact Laser-Tone International to pick up the empty cartridge and deliver a refilled one back to you for free. They are also accepting other office products to recycle and reuse.

- There is also the Eco-office that will provide you a list of companies around your area that will purchase your empty cartridge and a list that provides remanufactured cartridges.