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Go Optic Eye Wear And Eye Care Services

Getting the glasses you have always wanted is made easy by Go Optic. The convenience of shopping online with Go Optic is that it can be done at any time of day or night. From the comfort of one's home or office, one can place an order for the most preferred lenses and frames. Go Optic makes fast delivery and the client will be sporting his new glasses in no time. It is the one place where you can get designer eyewear at a discount.

Go Optic supplies the best brands and gives service under warranty. The products are laden with the latest features such as anti glare and anti reflective coatings. Anti glare glasses help to avoid a blinding light source. This makes them convenient to use in front of a computer. It is also helpful when night driving in street lights, however there should be no tint in glasses for use in night driving. Go Optic anti reflective glasses are convenient when in a terrain that has a lot of reflection such as at the beach, in the desert or snow covered area.

The clients are allowed to be very specific when placing Go Optic orders. They may specify the percentage of tint and other combinations. Some Go Optic clients order eyewear under prescription while others order the brands they like for cosmetic purposes. Go Optic provides additional services like lens edge polishing and parts replacement. Shopping is made easy by placing them in categories such as by designer, by shape, type, gender or material.

Go Optic stocks brands for men, women and children. Prescriptions are sent by clients via email or fax and if the client wishes it, Go Optic may check with their doctor to confirm subscription. The confirmation may delay delivery for one more day but it is should be done if deemed necessary. The design of the eye wear in regard to shape and size of the lenses or the frame is kept the same. Any modifications make the warranty void so clients are advised not to modify their glasses.

Some of the eye wear Go Optic are very resilient to damage which means they are meant to withstand harsh working environments. Clients who work in tough conditions are advised to take these. There is no limit to the number of lenses or frames that one can take with them. Clients find it convenient to have different brands for different occasions. Go Optic also offers a single brand in several colors thus this can be taken to give the client more dress up options.

Contact lenses are all the rave and technology has made them even thinner and in natural colors just like sunglasses, some of them are for eye correction while others are for aesthetics. Contact lenses are used for special occasions or continuous use depending on the client’s profession or preference. There Go Optic provides options for one day use, one week use or one month use. Again, taking a set of colors is advised in order to have arange to choose from.


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