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Considering The Proportion, Color, And Pattern Of The Krawatte

If a person has to go to a formal event, he must know how to wear the krawatte. There is the tendency with men just to pick any tie that fancies them. However, this should not be since there are a few fashion rules that should be followed. The three factors that men should determine when shopping for krawatten are proportions, color, and pattern.


It seems that only females have been gifted with very high fashion styles and senses. Men, on the other hand, do not practically care about the clothes that they wear. That is why most husbands end up asking their wives for recommendations regarding krawatten. Sons usually have to ask advices from their mothers when they have to look formal for certain occasions such as school proms, graduation ceremonies, and other formal events.


When shopping for a krawatte, people should look for ones that will suit their body proportions. Big guys who wear incredibly huge suits are advised to purchase slender and lengthy ties. These things should be long enough to reach the belt buckle. The width should be a little bit more than three and a half inches. When it comes to smaller guys, it is very advisable to look for shorter ties. The ones that reach down to the belly button are recommended. Wider neckties are good for those who lack height.


People would find that there krawatten come in various colors. Of course, if people plan to attend formal occasions, it is not very ideal to purchase vividly colored ties. Good color coordination between the tie and the suit should definitely be applied. For those who do not have any idea which colors to match, they could simply use the color wheel. The colors which are opposite each other are known as complimentary colors. Blue and Orange are complimentary colors. If a person has a blue suit or shirt, he can easily match it with a nice blue tie. It should be noted that about eight percent of men are color blind. That is why a color blind person might want to ask help from those with normal vision if he plans to shop for a good krawatte.


One of the most difficult things that men have to do is to match patterned krawatten and patterned suits. Basically, it is not ideal to wear a tie and suit that are both patterned. Men can only wear patterned ties if their suits are boldly colored. The same is true the other way around. However, any person can wear a patterned krawatte and another patterned suit just as long as their designs are not the same. This means if the suit is striped, the tie should either be boldly colored or polka dotted.


In the past, if a person wants to purchase a krawatte. He has to go to a shopping mall, a boutique, or a clothing outlet. However, today, neckties could be purchased from online websites. The only problem with online shopping is that men will not be able to try and feel the ties. All they could do is to look for pictures and click the items that fancy them. The krawatten would be shipped to them. In short, they would not have to leave the house if they want to purchase these accessories. It should be noted computer screens can alter the color of the photographed ties.

Learning how to match the krawatte with the rest of the outfit is not a hard thing to do. It is not impossible for men to learn some basic fashion tips about krawatten.