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Want To Make A Woman Orgasm? Here’s How

Have you ever taken a lady to the levels that she yells “Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop!” yeah this is the point where questions ring at the back of your brain- is she faking? Am I doing the right thing? Well, you never know until she goes home to call you back saying thanks for the good time you gave her. If she calls then you can be assured that you know how to make a woman orgasm. This article will major in giving you the tips to make a woman orgasm.

Put on the best perfume you have

Many people put on perfume without knowing its real purpose. Well according to scientists this is the thing that will take off testosterone. The libido of a lady will tend to rise when you use the best cologne that you can find. It will stick to their brains and when they get a scent wherever they are they will remember you instantly.

Her feet should be warm

Another secret that you can make a woman orgasm is by ensuring that her feet are warm. This has been proven over the years that it will increase the chances of the lady getting into orgasm. Their feet has an effect on the brain hence if they are cold this will reduce the chances of her getting an orgasm. They will focus their minds on getting their feet warm rather than getting a piece of what you are offering to them. Therefore, before you try on anything that involves getting high- try to make her feet warm. This is the easiest trick on how to make a woman orgasm.

Touching her soft spots

Before we get to be rough on the ladies while giving them the best package ever it is imperative to engage them by touching their soft zones. Do you know them? The clitoris it the soft spot that would make a lady to scream your name even if they are having sex elsewhere. If you know your way around these areas then you will win the lady’s love. You can lick the clitoris, gently moving along the lips of her pussy in a manner trying to find your way inside with a tongue. The response that you will get by doing this would be “please put it in. This is the point that a lady can even cry since you are not giving them what they want. Certainly, you will know that you are on the right track in trying to make a woman orgasm.

The other thing that you can do once you have got them high is letting them drive. Once she is in the driver’s seat she will be in full control; she gets what she want fast or slow, rough or smooth.

Touching the spine kills her

There is a point that a lady tries her best not to show that they are feeling good but with the spine they cannot hide it. The feeling that they get when you gently move your hands on the spine is inevitable and would have them dripping wet asking for your hard cock. This is also the point where a lady takes control and would start searching your pants for the hard banana. According to research, the right side of the spine gets them hornier. Thus you should focus of this side to get things juicier in your quest to make a woman orgasm.

Now that you are aware of the tricks, the ball is in your court. It is time to make a woman orgasm without even worrying about whether they are faking or not. With these tricks of how to make a woman orgasm you will be certain that you are driving the lady in the world of ecstasy.

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