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Remember The Maid Of Honor Speech Is Personal

The maid of honor speech for each one would be personal and very different from the other speeches. At weddings, one would always watch the best man, the father of the bride or even the father of the groom making a speech. And thus we are so accustomed to speeches given from the perspective of males at weddings. But if you take a look at the wedding speeches for maid of honor, it is purely a female perspective, and hence it makes it all the more intimate and very personal to say the least, since women express better than men, at least in most cases. It is one of the maid of honor duties to be performed, and it has to be performed well and in the right tone.

There is a reason why you would be chosen as the maid of honor, you maybe her sister, or even her closest bosom pal. You know the bride for many years and many memories have been shared as well, and hence your maid of honor speech should be reflecting those intimate times and moments, choose it well and you could have a wonderful personalized speech at the wedding to woo the bride and the attendants around. Even the maid of honor duties would be a reflection of those many years that the two of you shared together. Through this you would be proving your loyalty of peer love towards the bride and a little humor in the speech would make it just fine. But don’t overdo with the humor or else even the grandmother of the bride wouldn’t stay away from blushing.

Keep the maid of honor speech short and crisp, but sincere it should be. And this shouldn’t be a tough thing for you to do, since you want your best friend or sister, the bride to be, to have the best in her married life! And if you are married, then as the matron of honor, it would be your turn to advice the bride on how to keep the groom well handled, throw in some humor here as well and everyone at the venue would have a good laugh. You would then be performing the maid of honor duties with élan and grace, as if you were a natural at many best friends’ weddings.

Show the bride what your closeness to her means to you, and show it with your maid of honor speech. This is one way you could show your best friend how much you love and care for her, your skills and talents should speak wonders through the speech. Speak of the talents and hobbies the bride has, which you think the world should know of. And praise the couple on their relationship. But your duty doesn’t end only there, in fact at the wedding there is much more to do for the bride as a maid of honor than just giving a speech.

Helping the bride get ready and prepare for the wedding would be one of the biggest things you could do and that’s what maid of honor duties are all about. But be sincere and witty throughout the whole deal, it makes it easy on you as well.

Don’t panic when you are going to deliver a fantastic maid of honor speech. We shall educate you on it. Also click on the links to know more about maid of honor duties.