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Make Your Web Presence Count With Social Bookmarking Links And Seo Article Writing Strategy

Many website owners are now sure how social bookmarking links and SEO article writing strategy can help them popularize their websites. But talk to any SEO expert and they will tell you what important roles both of these techniques play in SEO. With your social bookmarking links and SEO article writing strategy in place you can make your website visible to masses and this sure is going to reap rich dividends for you ultimately.

Many of us are in the habit of adding websites to our favorites list. Websites that get added to our favorites list are typically those websites that we frequent the most. Social bookmarking links are also links to our favorite websites. The only difference is that instead of adding the links to these websites in our browser favorite list we add them to social bookmarking websites. So, people in our contacts list can see our favorite websites online and it is highly likely that they visit some of them too.

The top 10 social bookmarking websites are Twitter, digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Delicious, Tweetmeme, FARK and Slashdot. Here is where you find the best social bookmarking links. So, if you are a website owner you can add links to your website in these social bookmarking websites. Now people in your contact list will see these bookmarks and visit your website. If they like what they see they are going to spread the word around so that their contacts also visit your website. This is how you can increase traffic to your website.

As far as SEO article writing strategy is concerned, it is all about writing articles about your products and services and submitting them to online article directories. There are thousands of such directories that are frequented by millions all over the world. People love to read well penned articles. And once they like the article it is highly likely that they are going to click the links to your website that are placed at the bottom of the article. They are then going to spread the word around so that more people read the articles and visit your website.

SEO article writing strategy requires that you write plenty of articles. It also requires that you give catchy names to your articles to create that positive first impression in the minds of the readers. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t cut and paste from other articles because this definitely creates a negative impression. And you need to submit the articles to the most visited article directories.

Creating social bookmarking links and getting your SEO article writing strategy in place requires a lot of time. When you are busy running your business it is highly unlikely that you can take out enough time for them. Moreover, article writing also requires certain skills that you may not possess. This is why it always makes sense to work with an SEO company that can do the job for you. Find someone professional and they can do wonders with both these strategies.

Resource Box: Do you want to see your website at the top of search engine results? Use  social bookmarking links  and SEO article writing strategy. What this means is that you should never resort to black hat SEO.