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Window Sun Screens: A Marriage Of Functionality And Aesthetics

Global weather today has become capricious and unpredictable. Seasons no longer flow seamlessly as before and as a homeowner, you might be having trouble enhancing the quality of your home. Well, worry no more because with window sun screens part of your problem has already been solved. Like all modern home items, screens have been refined to make them better in terms of function and beauty. You might be wondering how these ubiquitous home utilities can change your home. If you want to discover this, just read on.

Common Types of window sun screens

Modern technology has revolutionalized window sun screens assembling. Traditionally, ugly cloth covers were used in summer while plastic covering was used in winter but this has changed. Some of the contemporary screen designs in the market include:

1.1. Sliding window sun screens: they can slide either vertically or horizontally and are applicable for any setting. They are easy to install; and can either have interior or exterior mounts depending on your preference.

1.2. Retractable screens: they can also fit any window opening but their advantage is that they can be removed to enable more effective cleaning of window panes.

2. Hinged screens: they are not very versatile as they take more space. However, these window sun screens provide an excellent emergency exit.

A Summary of Sun Screens Usage

During winter and summer, maintain a livable interior is always a daunting task. Your AC in most cases breaks during this period as it strains to maintain conditions which are favorable to your household. Unfortunately, this increases your power bill irrespective of whether desired results are achieved. Window sun screens are a simple solution as they block a lot of window heat during summer and protect heat loss during winter. They, thus, help to lower your power bill and this money can be used on other pressing household needs.

Additionally, window sun screens help to enhance the aesthetic value of your household. There are various creative designs and they can even be customized to meet your needs. The screens are also available in different screen colors which improve the beauty of your house without investing in expensive remodeling.

Research also indicates ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage to carpets, furniture and window coverings and screens helps avoid such a situation. These rays are also harmful especially for people with sensitive skin and they can cause cancer or even other inflammatory conditions. Most window sun screens in the market today also serve as insect barriers especially during summer when swarms of bees, wasps and flies flock dry regions such as Arizona.

This short summary brings in the question of installation. The process is very easy and after a technician takes your windows measurements and other specifications; and you will have your window sun screens in place within no time. However, consider your needs first when shopping and choose colors and designs that will not only blend with your home but also the environment. The company you select must also be highly experienced and their customer service should be excellent to ensure the process runs smoothly.