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Led Tubes And Their Benefits

Households, corporations and even governments are finding it difficult to manage the escalating energy bills. They are looking at ways to save energy and thus save on electricity cost. Switching to LED lighting is the solution for saving both energy and electricity costs. Twelve major cities, across four continents, have already done trials in the move towards “lighting the clean revolution”. One of those cities was Sydney, where the government saved up to 53% of the energy bills. However, Australia is still holding back to switch to LED lighting. Citizens, corporations and governments must jump into the lighting revolution bandwagon and learn to embrace the many benefits of LED lighting.

Benefits of using LED Tubes compared to traditional lighting

Traditional lighting, like fluorescent and incandescent light, is now being replaced by LED lighting. The LED solution is not only renowned for its high efficiency and effectiveness but also for being environmentally friendly. LEDs are highly efficient because of their long lifespan. LED Tubes operate more than 50,000 hours, when used 10 hours per day, which is the equivalent of 10 year of full operation. Thus, there is close to no maintenance costs. With fluorescent light, you have to wire the ballast and plug into your home or office, which make it very difficult to replace it. LED Tubes are simple of use thanks to its drop-in replacement mechanism. You only have to take it off the fitting and put it back on. You will not risk burning your fingers since LEDs do not heat up. Thus LED Tubes are not a fire hazard for your home or workplace. LEDs do not have filament that easily break; this make them durable and very robust, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. You will know the LED is at the end of its lifespan once it decreases in brightness.

Combined with long lifespan is the LED’s high energy and cost savings, which make them very cost effective. In fact, LED Tubes consume between 50% to 90% less energy than other lighting systems. For instance, an 18W LED tube will replace a 40W fluorescent tube. Cost saving is then the most important benefit offered by LED lights as they contribute to bring down energy costs of households, corporations and governments.

LEDs Tubes are also the way to go if you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution. LEDs are safer than other lighting systems because they are not made out of glass, are not producing UV rays and do not contain mercury. LED Tubes are the solution to reduce your carbon footprint and pro-actively manage the Carbon Tax in Australia.

Where to use LED Tubes

There is no limitation on where to use of LED tubes. You have the possibility to replace any incandescent or conventional florescent tubes with LED tubes. Each time you do that you reduce the power consumption by more than 50%. Households, office buildings, parking lots, streets, poultry farms and warehouses can all use LED lighting system. Thus, LED Tubes are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is time Australia focuses its attention on replacing the conventional lights with LED technology. By doing so, the country and its citizens could save money, ensure a safe home and work environment while reducing their carbon footprint.

Switching to LED light Australia will save money, energy and the environment. LED tubes are the solution for cost effectiveness and efficiency in commercial and industrial settings.