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How To Improve Your Family's Health The 6 Ways

Drink more water
Encourage the youngsters-and adults- to drink more water as this really helps flush out our organs of excretion and detox (liver and kidneys). The results are priceless with brighter skin, reduction in cavities and the elimination of some chronic illnesses such as bronchitis and asthma. Don't be tempted to use Crystal Ligt because this will defeat the purpose.
Limit the amount of fruit juices to four ounces when consumed. I know that this can be difficult, but I know many dentists who recommend this for avoidance of tooth decay.
Many mothers find that with limits on sugar consumption, some behavior issues can be more readily modified without dangerous medications.

We all could benefits from controlled sunlight which helps us in production of vitamin D. Researchers have found that this vitamin is important in fighting depression, breast cancer, high blood pressure and even contributing to bone health. Another benefit is by being outside more, exercise will be increased adding the benefit of weight loss.

Pick the Right Doctor
It's going to take a bit of detective work. You don't want to settle for the doctor your coworker sees, or the closest office, or the first name you find in the insurance company's directory. Instead, get recommendations for a primary care doctor for you, your husband, and your kids. Also check out, which lets you search board-certified physicians by name or medical specialty. And assuming you're not 25, you may want your doctor to be around your age or younger. That way you can have a physician for life, and that continuity is a big help in diagnosing and predicting problems as you age.

Eat More Meals Together
Studies have shown that kids who eat dinner with their families tend to eat less fried food, drink less soda, and consume more fruits and vegetables. Those kids also have a higher intake of vitamins and nutrients and a lower intake of saturated and trans fats. But even beyond these practical reasons, a regular family meal provides a way to keep the lines of communication open and strong.

Teach Your Family to Give Back
Volunteering has been linked to increased life expectancy, greater life satisfaction, and reduced rates of depression. Check out or for opportunities across the country.

When grocery shopping
To promote personal health and that of your family, take a little time to read the labels on all foods brought into the home. For example, has the meat been injected with hormones and/or antibiotics? Is it free range or have the chickens been cooped up in a pen? It is no secret that such birds in this environment consume their own feces and are often in close quarters with sick animals. Do you want meat like that? Animals that have been raised and fed naturally produce healthier meats, anyway. Further, consider limiting the quantity of meats that your family consumes, particularly beef. This can help reduce lower blood pressure and help with many other conditions such as colon cancer and high cholester.





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