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Benefit Of Using Cork Floor And Its Durability Value

Modernizing home and adding decoration value to our residence has become one of the most important requirements for us. When modern people are falling for the charm of new decoration trends, eco friendly ideas are taking over the decoration concepts. Modern people in all over the world are responding to the noble call of maintaining the hygiene of our environment. Cork floor offers great solution in this regard. When we try to change our surroundings to start a fresh lifestyle, spending a considerable amount of money comes into play. However, with the help of cork tiles, it is easy to change the flooring pattern of your house and freshen up the environment with the use of eco-friendly materials. Changing or replacing the traditional floor with cork made tiles is a trendy way of bringing new decoration ideas in reality. Today we will discuss about this new concept and try to understand how it is beneficial for us.

Why Change The Traditional Style?
While thinking of using new decoration styles, we generally never consider that our floors need to be changed as well. The main reason of such a decision is the supposed expenses that can drain one’s financial stability. Changing floors is known to be a tiring and extravagant process; this is why people walk away from making such a decision. However, with the help of cork floor, people can easily replace flooring without any problem. Some of us believe that changing carpets is a great way of bringing new themes of decoration in the house. But, carpets have numerous pitfalls. They get matted down, show different type of stain, and never last long. On the other hand, cork tiles can reduce such problems. It serves you a beautiful house hold decoration theme with high efficiency value.

Eco-Friendly Solutions
Cork is an organic material therefore; it doesn’t cost much to develop new items from it. This element has served the human kind since the beginning of science and technology. Our ancestors have shown us how to use it to preserve wine, and how its sound proofing features can help us. Now researchers have found a new use for cork, as a flooring material. This material is extracted from the bark of cork oak tree. The bark is harvested in every 9 years, thus making it a renewal resource. Its eco-friendly features are attracting conscious clients to select cork floor to implement new decoration style while saving the environment.

Durability Feature
Durability of cork element is proven by numerous experiments and research results. Experts believe that it is one of the strongest flooring options available in the market. Its capability to avoid the impact of friction and pressure makes it the best option for flooring. When you put pressure on cork tiles, it immediately makes an impression of a dent. But, when the pressure is removed, the surface returns to its original form. So, we can safely state that cork made floors are extremely durable for use.

These are few of the reasons why using cork made floors can refresh your decoration style sense without wasting a fortune.

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