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Why Should You Create Your Legacy?

How we live and are remembered is up to each of us. Are you living your life with a greater sense of purpose? Did you overcome adversity and achieve success? Was there someone in your life who made a difference? Can you recall a life changing moment that altered your path and attitude? Do you regret certain decisions? All of us yearn to matter, feel significant and hope to be remembered. Your legacy is a summary of your thoughts, feelings, actions, accomplishments and memories. Take the time to Create Your Legacy.

Creating your legacy ensures future generations know who you are, where you came from, what you believed and what mattered most to you.  Your children, family and friends want to know your story. The world is quickly changing and the way you grew up, things you were taught and things you did are not the same today.  If you don’t preserve those memories they’ll be lost forever.  Don’t you want your grandchildren to know these stories and what you learned was really important in life? If so, create your legacy using your pictures, journals and videos.

The benefit of preserving and sharing your legacy is that you transfer your wealth of knowledge and family heritage. You can help a family member not make the same mistakes. You can instil pride in your family name. Your legacy helps people appreciate your life and their own.

It is easy to take things for granted. By Creating your Legacy, you help people learn and understand how far we’ve come. By sharing your memories and experiences, you are giving others a glimpse of what really matters to you. Go to and share your story.

We live in a digital world that has forced us to be more impersonal. Gone are the days where the character of a person was based on how he or she actually lived. Once it mattered how you lived, believed and treated others. Friends were people you knew and trusted. Today it seems we live in a distant, abstract world that sums people up by their online profiles. We have countless “friends” who know what we do but don’t know how we got here and who we truly are inside.  Your legacy, who you are and why you matter, should be told by you. We all have a story to tell, but Leaving a Legacy is up to you. Your children, family and friends want to hear your story, Your Legacy.


If you want to leave something to your descendants, then you should Create Legacy. Go for the My Legacy option and start writing down all the important things that you want to pass along!