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Night Comforters And Heartbeat Toys Can Soothe Your New Puppy

People who bring home new puppies wish that they could talk!  This will at least lessen the frustration that you will have to experience and will make it easier for you to deal with puppies that are naturally nervous and not happy on their first night in a different environment.  Fortunately, there are new products that have been introduced to the market to help puppies overcome their distressed situation.

You can buy your puppy a heartbeat toy and night comforter.  These are stuffed animals that include a heartbeat replicator and only require a battery to run, and a warm pack that can be heated up in your microwave.  These stuffed toy animals provide a bit of reassurance to your puppy. Your new pet will snuggle up happily to these toys and night comforter and will feel as if the puppy is back to his litter and mother’s care.

When you bring your puppy home for the first time, always remember that he is transported in a familiar place and that his world just unraveled, that he has just been separated from his mother and his littermates.  So they become stressed and suffer separation anxieties, making them wimper, howl or cry.  They are lonely and need company.  And mind you, the noises that they create will tug for sure at your heartstrings.  This is where the heartbeat toy and night comforter become ideal.  It is a good idea to have them ready even before you bring the pup home, to make the first night as peaceful, relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The puppy’s first night in your home can be unnerving.  Before putting him to sleep, give him a heartbeat toy and a night comforter.  Put them on the bed.  The ticking that the puppy will hear will resemble his mother’s heart beat and the night comforter will make the puppy feel that he is surrounded by his siblings.  These are the toys that your newly acquired pet needs not only on its first night, but also in the succeeding nights and days that you will leave him alone even for a short period of time.

If your puppy is of the nervous type, it can benefit from the heartbeat toy and night comforter.  He will feel that there is nothing to be afraid of, with all the “heartbeat” and the “warmth” surrounding him. He will feel also that he is hearing to the sound of your heart beat and feel the warmth of your own body, believing that you are holding him against your chest.  You know, you can do this actually.  You can pick up the puppy some time and cradle him in your arms, like putting a baby to sleep.

These are the toys that will soothe your newly bought puppy  when ready to sleep at night or alone at daytime.  These will function as the puppy’s mother, sibling, and a brand new best friend, next to you.  You are his owner and his master and his best teacher who loves him, and who he loves in return.

A night comforter and heartbeat toy are useful items to make your puppy feel better on its first night in your house.