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Importance Of Azomite And Cannazym In Hydroponics

Essential minerals and enzymes are a must have for hydroponics project. One of the most important products in this line is azomite. It contains several dozens of minerals and other trace elements required for healthy plant growth. In addition, you would also require cannazym, which is a storehouse of enzymes and vitamins.

The minerals found in azomite have been found to help in improving the root system, yield and plant potency in a wide range of crops and vegetables. It is available for a wide range of uses, but it is extremely helpful in re-mineralizing soils that have been depleted of nutrients. It is available in the form of fine powder, granules and a few other options. In its powder form, it could easily coat seeds and help in improving germination and growth. It is ideal for use in crops, potting soil and compost.

It has a pH level of 8, but interestingly addition of azomite doesn't affect the pH of the medium. In its micronized  or fine powder form, it is readily usable for plants. It could be mixed into compost or applied with hand.  Available in another dusty form, it is ideally suited for soil usage. The granulated form can also be easily applied to the soil. Usually, growers would apply it directly to the soil at the time of planting. The water is going to help in ensuring that the roots come in contact with all the minerals.

Then, you would also require cannazym, which is rich in more than 15 enzymes and vitamins. It works by breaking down lifeless roots and catalyzes micro-organisms. It is helpful in improving nutrient absorption in plants and protects against pathogens by helping develop resistance.

The roots in plants have some parts dying while new roots keep getting formed. The dead root parts create the perfect environment for the growth of pathogens. Once these pathogens grow, they can affect the healthy roots that become easy targets. This is going to affect the plant and could also stunt its growth. The enzymes present in cannazym can help in converting the dead roots into sugars and minerals. This is further used by plants as nutrition.

The breakdown of the dead roots helps in creating balance in the hydrology of the soil. Eventually, cannazym also helps in preventing the formation of pathogens or any risk of infection. The soil also gets enriched because of the addition of new sugars and minerals. These ingredients can be used by the helpful bacteria in the root environment. Such healthy bacteria help in increasing the protection for the plant from diseases that could arise because of mould growth. This is also helpful in the exchange of nutrients between the root environment and the roots.

When it comes to choosing azomite or other products for your garden, make sure to search online. It is possible to find more useful information online from your convenience. It is also easier to place an order, as there is no need to go out and source cannazym or other products.


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