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How To Control Hydroponics Ph With Bluelab Meter?

The perfect pH level range in hydroponics is 5.5 to 6.5. It would require a special instrument like bluelab ph pen to determine the pH level so as to ensure that the plants get the perfect environment for optimal growth. The right pH is essential because it is going to affect the absorption of different elements required for plant growth. If the pH level falls, the absorption of micro nutrients could reach toxic levels. Read on to understand the importance of pH level and the need for bluelab ph pen.

One of the most important tasks involved in hydroponics is to adjust the pH level. Acid is used for lowering the level while alkali is used for raising it. Because some of the alkalis and acids are highly corrosive in nature, it is important to take care when using a product. If the system is high on pH and you are finding it difficult to bring it down, using citric acid is an effective solution. Vinegar could also be used, but its effects are only short term. It wouldn't be possible to determine the pH of the solution unless growers use bluelab ph pen.

In the initial phase, it is important to check the pH of the water with bluelab meter on a daily basis. Measure the water before adding the required nutrients. Then, it would be required to measure it within an hour and make adjustments accordingly. This process should be repeated again until the pH becomes stable. Keep recording the amount of water, pH modifiers and nutrients that are added to get the required level.  After some time, it would become possible to get a clear idea of the amount of base or acid that is required for a specific situation.

Usually, the pH level remains within a range for a good amount of time, but then the bluelab ph pen can rise or fall rapidly to an extreme level. When this happens, it is a sign that there is a need for making a change in the nutrients. When hard water is used, the pH would usually rise higher than 7.5. Some growers, rather than neutralizing it with acid would consider the addition of a reverse osmosis unit.

Usually, the pH level drops down after the system is cleaned and refilled. In this case, it would be required to continuously add the pH stabilizer for increasing the level. Usually, experts suggest products that add more potassium ions. In fact, potassium is considered as the highest element when it comes to hydroponics nutrient solution.

At times, the pH level could crash down due to the excess growth of microbials inside the nutrient solutions. This occurs because the system is not maintained well, and irregular changes in nutrients and other types of stresses. The ideal method for avoiding this situation is to maintain a cleaner system with sufficient and regular nutrition. Overall, having an instrument like bluelab meter would go a long way in helping growers keep control over the pH of the solution.

With bluelab meter it becomes easier to keep a tab over the pH level in hydroponics and indoor gardening. Make sure to check this website to explore more features of bluelab ph pen.