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How Parents Can Block Certain Websites From Children Without Paid Software.

Most of the parents are much worried about the internet usage of their children. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut is very common in teenagers. The addiction of such websites start even when one just studied how to start their computer. 

Parents are not only worried about children's wasting time on the Internet – it’s more about the activities that children are doing on these sites. They may share their personal details with complete strangers, and parents know how dangerous it is.

Recently some reports says that, some social websites enhance or promote the criminal activities and the victims are youngsters. That is why many parents are trying to block such website when their children try to access the Internet.

The difficulty is that, parents don't have much idea on how to restrict such things. Some may use parental control software like Net Nanny or Norton Internet Security that are pretty good but they cost money. Let me explain the steps to block any websites without any COST.