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American Bullies - A Class Apart

People love dogs. Some people like them because they offer them protection while some prefer dogs just like that. Today there are several dog breeds that you will find all over the world. You will also find crossbreeds of dogs. Breeding dogs is more of an art. There are several dog breeders all over the world and they breed dogs for several different reasons. Some do it for beauty while some do crossbreeding for strength and speed. The American bullies are a pit bull breed thatís a result of such crossbreeding. This breed is one of the strongest dogs.

A pit bull is usually bred with some other dog breed to obtain the attributes of that dog. Some of the famous dog breeds that are used to create American bullies are pit bull terriers and the Staffordshire terriers. Specific pit bull and Staffordshire terriers may also be used to obtain various other attributes such as strength, speed and agility. Registering a breed can only be possible with the help of a breed club. The American bully is a registered breed with several breed clubs. This dog breed symbolizes youth and freedom.

The features and the attributes of American bullies include a well defined posture, powerful appearance with straight and muscular legs. Its head is medium in length as well as it has a well defined stop. Its high set ears help it listen to sounds that are miles away. The shape of the ears would depend on the parent breed. The muscular definition of this breed extends from its shoulders to its head as it tapers towards the head. American bullies are also considered to be a precisely engineered breed.

There is still a lot of research going on to know more about this new breed. American bullies are not for you if you are looking for a dog that just sits and wags his tail all day. They are very energetic dogs. They have such great muscular definition that it rivals that of most body builders. As compared to most dogs these dogs have a straight tail with a small curl at the end. This helps them attain stability during their high speed runs. Due to their breeding they have a smooth coat that is short and hard. You would instantly feel their muscular definition once you touch it.

Compared to what most people think these dogs are bred for speed and strength. Like most animals an American bully would also get aggressive if you agitate it too much. Dog breeders pay special attention to ensure that the breeds grow up to be loyal to their masters. The American bully is the experience of a pit bull but at a different level. This dog is confident from a very young age and itís capable of teaching its master several things. People who purchase this dog do it out of sheer curiosity and because this breed is a status symbol. You can purchase one online through certified breeders.

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