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What You Need To Do Before Sligo Laser Hair Treatment

Sligo laser hair treatment is a method for permanent reduction of unwanted hair. This is treatment is provided in Sligo hair removal clinics by experts. There are laser machines that are used during this process. These machines have been proven to be safe for use by the food and drug association. However, there are some things that you are expected to do before going for Sligo hair removal. These are simply aimed at ensuring you are safe during the procedure.

Shaving is the first thing that you are expected to do before Sligo hair removal. You should shave the area to be treated. Do this around twenty four hours before you are due for laser hair removal Sligo. However, you are supposed to shave or cut the hair. It is not advisable to use other methods for removing hair that might injure your skin such methods of hair removal include waxing, plucking or threading. Do not use any of the above methods prior to Sligo hair removal treatment.

You are not supposed to use any bleaching creams days before your Sligo laser hair treatment. You should stop using bleach around two to three weeks before your first treatment. Your Sligo laser hair removal may be carried out in a number of treatments. In such a case, you should not use bleaching creams in between your Sligo hair removal treatments. You should only wait until well after your treatment to start using these bleaches.

It is also recommended that scrubs be used one week prior to going to the laser hair removal clinic. This means that if you need a body or facial scrub you have to do it way early. It is not recommended that you exfoliate your skin between two to three days before laser hair removal in Sligo. Exfoliation is also not recommended immediately after Sligo laser hair treatment. You should take some time after you have been treated before you go back to exfoliating.

If you plan on getting Sligo hair removal, it is not advisable that you spend too much time in the sun. Research shows that the best results are obtained with dark hair and light skin. This means that you should not have a tan before going for Sligo hair treatment. This means whether it is a natural tan or a false tan then it will affect your treatment. In fact, Sligo laser hair treatment is not usually done on clients with a tan.

It is also advisable that you protect your skin from the sun. You should especially protect the areas which will undergo Sligo laser hair treatment. During the summer months, it can be difficult to protect your skin away from the sun. Therefore, to help reduce the effects of the sun you can use sunscreen. There are some sun creams that are recommended for use before Sligo laser hair removal. Ask your hair removal specialist if there are any other things that you have to do before Sligo laser hair removal.