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Vascular Surgery Is An Effective Way To Treat Varizes

If you are suffering from varizes then you cannot just consider it as a cosmetic problem. The bulging ankle and the change in the skin color can be quite unsightly for every onlooker. There are many ways varicose veins can be treated and even the worst cases can be treated surgically. Vascular surgery is one of the surgical processes for treating varicose veins apart from the other modes of treatments available.

The main cause of varizes is weakening of the valves in the veins or due to any damage caused to the valves. The job of these valves is to pump blood from the leg toward the heart against the force of gravity and then stopping its flow downward. When the valves are weakened or damaged the blood flows back to the leg and this causes swelling. The backflow of blood stretches the walls of the veins and the swelling becomes bigger. One also faces a lot of itching and constant scratching may also cause ulcers.

Varizes are most commonly seen in people that have a family history of this problem. Women tend to get affected more by varicose veins than men and the occurrence is quite common in pregnant women. People of advanced are also known to be affected by varicose veins. And of course, people that lead a sedentary lifestyle and are obese are prone to get affected too.

Constant itching is one of the symptoms of varizes. Some of the other symptoms include mild swelling of ankles and feet and pain in the legs. One may also feel a throbbing or cramping sensation in their legs. And of course, one can see the veins prominently on their skin. The skin itself is discolored.

As for the treatment of varizes is concerned there are different treatments used. As mentioned above, the more serious conditions warrant surgery and vascular surgery can also be recommended. The milder cases can be treated by making changes in the patientís lifestyle. Compression socks also help in the treatment.

Some of the surgical processes apart from vascular surgery that are used for the treatment of varizes include sclerotherapy, microsclerotherapy, laser surgery and vein stripping.

The vascular surgery processes that are used in treating varicose veins are called Endovenous Ablation Therapy and Endoscopic Vein Surgery. In the former radio waves or lasers are used to close off varicose veins. A catheter is inserted through a small slit made near the varicose vein. A device at the tip of the catheter produces the heat to close the vein. The other process also involves a small cut through which a tube with a camera at the end is inserted. The surgeon can find the varicose vein and close it off using a surgical device. Ambulatory phlebectomy is also another vascular surgical process. Here small varicose veins close to the skin surface are removed after small cuts are made.

Vascular surgery is good for treating varizes and your physician is the best person to tell you when you need it.

Vascular surgery can make the treatment of varizes quite simple and effective.