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Hospital Beds For Sale

When searching through hospital beds for sale, it's necessary to consider that they are expensive medical equipment, understandable when considering the surplus of comfort and functionality they have to meet. This is particular important when the need concerns your own home and an investment of minimum 700$ isn't taken lightly by the typical working man, although the quality of the bed directly concerns your health. This is available for hospitals too, confronted with the need of providing a large number of high standard beds.

There are a number of attributes to be taken into account when a hospital plans to buy a new type of stretcher for sale or other special procedure beds.  First of all, a saloon bed has a regulated mattress dimensions of 35/80 for which an XL sheet should be considered. The mattress, with standard coil springs, air or foam, as well as the bed rails can be included or optional. Bed rails should be considered especially for cases where patients are at risk of rolling and falling from bed. However hospital beds that come equipped with bedrails are usually less adjustable than those without.

The bed characteristics mentioned above are available for people that fall within the normal weight category of up to 350 lbs. But what happens with patients that suffer from obesity? Since this is becoming a more and more recurrent issue, hospitals have to take measures as to accustom it. For these cases, the bariatric beds were designed and they can withstand weights of up to 700 lbs. It is even more important in these cases for the bed to be adjustable as to help the medical staff in assisting the sick person and keeping him or her in a dignified situation that won't affect self-confidence or bring humiliation.

Of course the era of the manual bed is mostly gone, excepting the stretcher for sale where in many cases the transporting medical personnel cranks the stretcher as required. However, for the other beds, the question of choosing falls between the semi-electrical or fully electrical type. Semi-electrical beds are a choice to be considered especially for hospitals or people that operate within a tight budget and as a consequence will be required to put in some effort when raising or lowering the bed height. The more expensive fully electric bed features motors for all adjustments operations, allowing the patient hand pendant control for lowering or raising the head as well as the bed height.

Price is an important aspect when looking for a saloon, birthing, ICU bed or a stretcher for sale but it must not be forgotten that the ultimate purpose of the bed is to ease the caregiver's work as well as the patient's suffering and if something, it should increase the treatment's quality and rate of success through providing protection, mobility and connection to all medical equipment required. Therefore, some extra dollars for healing an illness don't seem as a bad deal after all.

 Hospital beds for sale as well as the much needed stretcher for sale come in different types for different budgets. In choosing one you should take your time and thoroughly inform yourself about all their features since you’re making a decision that will put someone in that bed sometimes for a long period of time.