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Get The Best Contact Lenses For The Most Comfortable Feeling.

Eye health is very important and each of us must know at least the basics to ensure that we take proper care of them. Expert advice is extremely important, so you need regular consultations, regardless of the fact that you observe a condition of the eyes or not. Contact lenses have been developed for medical purposes and for aesthetic reasons too, so those who need glasses, but donít want to wear them, can replace them with contact lenses in certain circumstances, after consulting with an optician. Now we refer only to medical lenses, not colored or cosmetic ones, which relate to the wish of changing the color of the iris. The best contact lenses give you the possibility to regain self confidence after years of wearing glasses.

Contact lenses are small discs that adhere to the anterior surface of the eye and correct vision problems. According to their shape, they are spherical, toric, bifocal and multifocal. According to the characteristics of the materials they are made of, they can be of three types: soft (flexible) with good permeability to gas (oxygen / carbon dioxide), hard with low permeability to gas (for this reason they have remained in limited indication) and semi-hard with a better permeability to oxygen / carbon dioxide.

You can choose contact lenses if you want to alternate them with eyeglasses or if you simply want to give up wearing eyeglasses. There are cases when the doctor indicates medical contact lenses wear, for example when there is a great difference between the eyes or in the case of irregular astigmatism which cannot be corrected by optics prescription. Your optometrist will prescribe the best contact lenses for larger refractive defects (myopia or hyperopia) or progressive corneal inflammation in various diseases (for therapeutic purposes). Also, certain categories of professionals recommend lens wear, due to the increased level of comfort they deal with (pilots, policemen, firemen and athletes).

It is better to check with your optometrist before choosing the best contact lenses because they are not recommended for individuals with chronic infections, or if you have moderate to severe dry eye, or if you are exposed to excessive dust and dirt, for example. You also need to keep in mind that wearing contact lenses requires special care. Otherwise different pathological conditions may appear, such as conjunctivitis. But when they are comfortable, they offer good visual acuity with extended field of view, without annoying reflections from the outside, they donít get steamy due to sudden temperature changes and they can be used along with sunglasses.

Optometrists usually receive their patients in their practice and in addition to specialized consultation they also offer information about maintaining healthy eyes. They assist their clients throughout the treatment and provide continuous information about how to properly use glasses or contact lenses, what they need to know about the most common diseases of the eye, how to prevent certain diseases.

If you decide to wear contact lenses, ask your optometrist for the best contact lenses for your eyes.