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Focus Dailies-disposable Contact Lenses And Choosing The Best Option For You

We will look at the various options available to anyone who has problems with their vision. A look will be taken specifically at the focus dailies lenses, together with the 1 day acuvue moist contact lenses and we will help you to learn the ways in which these contact lenses can help you on a daily basis.


More and more people are having problems with their vision and are being forced to seek various aids (inclusive of focus dailies) to help them live their lives and carry out their various jobs. Vision problems have existed since the dawn of time and have only increased since then. From cataracts to glaucoma and even problems with the various blood vessels that supply the eyes with life giving blood, these have all given us problems with our vision and as a result new and innovative ways have had to be created to help deal with the effects.  One of the best ideas thought up in recent times to deal with this problem, is the 1 day acuvue moist contact lenses.


A contact lens is a manmade lens that is placed over the cornea of the eye in order to help improve vision. There are many companies that have come up with ways in which to improve the technology behind contact lenses and one of the more advanced ‘pushes’ has been behind the focus dailies. The main idea behind this wave of technology is that you do not have to spend the big money to afford the 1 day acuvue moist brand of lenses or any other brand of lenses. You can simply walk into any pharmacy that carries contact lenses (with your particular prescription) and enquire about the various focus dailies options that they have. The main advantage to the 1 day acuvue moist contact lenses that other brands are still trying to compete against, is the fact that these lenses provide continuous moisture throughout the day without the need to keep adding eye drops to maintain the moisture levels. These lenses also allow you to change your lenses daily - something that people who use a more rigid type of lens do not have the benefit of.


Contact lenses are primarily used in two ways; the first is as a means of correcting a person’s vision and the second is as a more cosmetic, or even in some cases therapeutic way. Based on the primary use of the lens, the material of the lens is sometimes chosen. The first set of contact lenses were made using Plexiglas. The process and material was later refined and oxygen permeable membranes were developed. This advancement meant that the eyes were now able to ‘breathe’ when a person was wearing contact lenses, and allowed for an overall better fit and feeling while wearing these lenses. Thanks to the advancement in technology, disposable contact lenses mean that a person now has more vision options available to them.



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