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Focus Dailies-daily Disposable Contacts

Contact lenses are a great way to achieve vision correction without dealing with the hassles of owning a pair of glasses. Ciba Vision make the Focus Dailies Toric and other Focus Dailies lenses to provide those with vision problems the comfort and clarity they need.


There are many details that the focus dailies toric and focus dailies all day comfort lenses have in common. First, and the most obvious, is that they are disposable contacts that are thrown each night before going to bed and users put in a fresh pair every morning. The second most obvious shared trait, which has already been mentioned, is that they are made by Ciba Vision. These lenses even have the same composition: 31% nelfilcon A and 69% water. Both are also produced using lightstream technology for better optics and comfort, as well as having blink activated moisturisers to keep the lens and eye wet. This is where the similarities end.


The Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are made for people who have astigmatisms, a condition where the cornea of the eye is not round like it should be and thus distorts the vision of the affected individual. A toric lens has two powers and two orientations, which are perpendicular to one another. The design of the Focus dailies toric contact lens is meant to counteract and correct the problems in vision caused by astigmatisms. These lenses even have inversion and location marks to help the wearer place the contact on their eye correctly. Focus Dailies all day comfort on the other hand, have a different design as well as the addition of some amazing technologies. The contact lenses have a tri-curve front and back, with a thin edge and a small bevel on the backside to help users place their contact with the correct side out. Focus Dailies all day comfort contact lenses also have a non-ionic surface, which means absolutely no protein build-up.


Most opticians will actually recommend the use of daily disposable contacts, as these lenses provide the most benefits to the human eye. They are thrown away and replaced basically every 24 hours, which helps reduce the risk of icky eye infections or other problems associated with the use of extended wear contact lenses. These types of lenses also typically allow for more oxygen to enter the eye to prevent it from becoming red and irritated while also protecting the eye from the little particles of dust, dirt, and pollen that float around in the air. Another bonus to using disposable lenses is that there are no more messy bottles of solutions for saturating the lenses, as each one is individually packaged.



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