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Benefits Of Brian Games

The mention of the word games brings to mind ideas of child play and activities reserved for those individuals with idle time in their hands. Perception that games are for children and minors is a mindset that has slowly been changed through research on brain health and general information on the importance of games. Any game that requires constant input in terms of ideas and instantaneous response or contributes to increased mental activity has been proven to improve brain health exhibited through quickened reflex action and much faster response processing. It is no wonder experts recommend games for brain training.

Brain games are games that are meant to specifically challenge the brain more than any other body organ and increase brain activity, in the same way physically indulging games leads to increase muscle tissue and strength and firmer body, so does brain games lead to increase thinking ability, perception and reduced response time to challenging situations or circumstances that require quick decision making. Taking part in games that have different difficulty levels introduces new challenges to the brain every time one advances the levels. This is because once the brain has been gotten a accustomed to a certain game over time, it starts to function with decisions based on memory rather than coming up with an fresh strategies and to tackle the challenges encountered in the game.

Cognition refers to the general function of the brain, mental processes such as memory, ability to respond to challenging situations and come up with quick and efficiently solutions within the shortest time is referred to as cognitive skill. Poor brain health can be diagnosed through observing a personís Cognition level. Excellence in games is usually as a result of improved cognition.

Brain games have several advantages to us; one of them being increase brain health. This is because the brain is fully functional and increases memory, attention time and ability to respond to instantaneous problems in the shortest time. The amount of interest a certain game draws from our brains keeps us at the edge of our seats and is, therefore, translated by the brain as entertainment. Boredom can lead to reduced mental activity; this brings about the risk of brain diseases such as Dementia, dementia is a mental condition that leads to loss of cognitive functions and in the end leads to brain diseases such as Alzheimerís.

Brain games help in boosting memory. This because every brain game necessitates the need to have a good memory, this is because in while playing one has to remember certain strategies for every games situation they have experienced before. In a game of chess for example, chances of wining can be increased by having a good number of strategies in their memory to counteract opponentís moves. Good memory is one of the characteristics of sound brain health and good cognition which can be improved through participation in brain games. It is never too late to start exercising your brain, the little activities you do today may save you from a mental disorder tomorrow.