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Allergy Testing: How To Find Out More About Allergies

A multitude of symptoms characterize the signs of allergic reactions, these may include running nose, constant sneezing and even itching. You need to understand however that these are very normal in life and should not be taken as the end of the world for you or the beginning of suffering. There are many specialists that have very significant advice for how to deal with these misery causers by way of treating allergic reactions. The encouragement here however not so much on the positive is that there are so many people that experience reactions to allergies, and so you are not alone.

The first thing to note is that through allergy testing, you can find out the exact cause of your reactions and know how to properly address the issue. To understand the body and why it reacts to specific allergens or intrusions of microorganisms they way it does, you need to get enlightened about the immune system. As it is, it consists of the senses that detect any allergen intrusions into the body and activates the side of the immune system that actually fights off these infections.

The exposure to the allergens is at first just 'ignored' in that, there is no reaction that takes place but the second time is characterized by allergic reactions. These reactions are mainly as a result of production of antibodies (immunoglobulin E) by the body as it recognizes the allergen. The circulation of the antibodies in the body results in secretion of mostly negative feedback such that chemicals like histamine are released to mediate the immune system; the reactions to allergies.

Most people tend o think that there is a gender factor that affects the occurrence of allergic reactions by the assumption that women are prone to allergies more than men. According to allergy testing however, there is quite an equal occurrence of reactions to allergies in both men and women but what makes the case of women to be severe is the occasional contribution of hormones. The effect of hormones includes the production of inflammatory responses by changing levels of hormonal levels. This happens during bodily periods such as the menstrual that leads to elevation of protein levels by estrogen hormone. This is what makes it difficult to predict treating allergic reactions with unexpected changes in hormonal levels.

Stress is also a factor to consider when trying to understand the occurrence of allergic reactions and this is mainly because there is hormonal imbalance during this time. There is also an increase in the level of mediators in the immune system according to allergy testing and therefore leads to the need for more medication during these times than other. It is also important o note that obesity should not be considered a cause for hyped reactions to allergies, but the history of the family is what takes account of most allergies. It is hence important that, you go for allergy testing prior to medication so that you know the cause and properly treat it.


Jeffrey Frasco is the author of this article on Allergy Reactions. Find more information, about Allergy Testing here