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The Flowering Tea Admirable Crowns Its Repertoire Of Beauty In Glass Teapots

Even the most sophisticated women enjoy the simplest pleasures: a nice message written on a post-it in the closet, a massage with moisturizing and nourishing lotions, a good tea with their loved ones, a flower, etc. What would you say if you could impress a woman by combining several wishes at once? Make her fall in love with you with the help of a beautiful flowering tea served from elegant glass teapots, in a wonderful fairy tale atmosphere?

Even from ancient times and until today, aesthetics has played an important role in the art of tea ceremony. Starting from cups and teapots and up to the ambience created, lovers of tea take care that everything is in perfect harmony. One of the elements that help to create the tasty and aromatic drink is the teapot. This element should not be chosen at random as the taste of tea is influenced by the environment in which it is produced. So we have to choose between teapots made of porcelain, clay, ceramic, glass, iron, etc.

Glass teapots are the kind of vessels that have no memory (meaning they do not keep the taste of the tea) so different infusions can be made in them. Teapots can be washed very easily (even in the dishwasher) and they allow you at any time to enjoy the beautiful colour of the drink prepared. They may be kept in the refrigerator, especially in summer, when we choose to drink a cold infusion. But the most important feature of glass teapots is that they allow you to enjoy a visual spectacle when you infuse flowering tea.

But what is flowering tea? It means tea leaves woven into one another individually, all done with great minuteness and that bloom when you pour water over them. Like a delicate geisha, it opens when in contact with water, forming a flower which seems to be painted by a painter, but which still retains the properties of green tea. Flowering tea, one of the most beautiful visual and olfactory delights, is obtained from the dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis plus jasmine, lily, marigold, amaranth, Osmanthus, rose flowers or Semen Oroxyli. Depending on the ingredients, there are many kinds of tea. They not only give us a new perspective on tea, but are also full of Chinese history and traditions. Each bulb can be used to obtain two cups of tea. For best results you should leave the bulb in the 80-85 ° C boiling water for 3 minutes.

It is something extraordinary, to see how something so beautiful and delicate, like a flower, comes to life right in front of your eyes! It is not only great in appearance and but it is also very healthy: 0 calories, 0 fats, 0 carbs plus a unique experience.

 Art, tenderness and flavour! Flowering tea energizes, invigorates, detoxifies the body, heals and calms, soothes and helps you sleep well, cools and, if necessary, feeds. The truth is that until you see something so spectacular, blooming in glass teapots, it's hard to believe it is real.