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Enjoy The Freshest Grilled Fish At The Best Fish Restaurant In Nice

French cuisine is known worldwide for what it offers to even the most critical gastronomes in the world. There is this something about the French and their cooking – everyone seems to fall in love with what they prepare. Nice is one of the prominent locations in the French Riviera and it is one of the most loved tourist spots in the world. It is but obvious that Nice is home to some excellent French cuisine. But if you are interested in a historical restaurant in Nice then Coco-Beach has to be it for you. Visit and you will know why it is one of the most loved and most revered restaurants in Nice.

Coco-Beach is a restaurant founded in 1936 by Jean-Baptiste Coco. Mr. Coco started dealing in sponges in 1930 that he imported from Italy and Greece. He created a shack like structure up on the rocks where he used to wash the sponges. His friends used to come over to meet him at his shack and Mr. Coco would treat them to grilled fish. His friends started enjoying the fish and the shack was given the name “Les Mouettes” or The Seagulls. When World War II ended American and English soldiers based in Nice started coming to the shack to enjoy Salad Nicoise sandwiches and grilled fish. These soldiers had the habit of singing “Let’s go to Coco Beach” and this is where the name of the restaurant came into being.

Just keep one point in mind about Coco-Beach – only go there if you are a fish lover. This restaurant in Nice only serves fish and nothing else. No matter what fish you love in the shellfish variety you get it all here. From crawfish to large lobsters to other large shellfish – there is a wide enough assortment of options to fuel the gastronomic fire in your belly. The fish are grilled over a log fire and presented to you fresh. I can guarantee that the quality of fish that you get in this restaurant will be hard to find in the entire region. To know about the full menu visit and you will find your mouth watering already.

This fish restaurant in Nice is not just about fish though. It is located in such a place that spending time in this restaurant kind of soothes your eyes. The azure waters around the restaurant will make you feel completely refreshed and the smell of fresh fish grilling is sure going to make you ravenous. The restaurant has a rustic setup with unpainted wooden flooring and frescoes and photos depicting Nice of the old times. As you enjoy your grilled fish with some fine wine you can enjoy the sight of the ferries leaving for Corsica. While will give you a fair idea of the restaurant you have to be here to enjoy what it has to offer to you. The owners of Coco-Beach have not changed and they make you feel at home all the time.

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