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Sue Your Bank With A Securities Fraud Lawsuit

As much as 85% of all loans originated between 2000 thru 2009, were securitized on Wall Street, but it's taken until now for the truth to be unearthed about securitization.stop foreclosure Yes, it helped create the financial collapse of the world economy.

Now you have the legal grounds to fight for your home, and your rights. You can sue to get your property back, and receive 3X's the amount of your loan balance in statutory damages. Example: $200K loan X 3 = $600K - Avg.take back your property from the bank Punitive Damages = 4X $600K. Final possible award = $2.4 Million in statutory and punitive damages!

If your loan has been securitized, this is the legal document you've been waiting for. This powerful lawsuit shows the courts exactly how the Wall Street Barons perpetrated fraud on millions of American homeowners and investors all over the world, by the securitization of your loan.bankruptcy (securitization means to convert your mortgage into securities, and then pool hundreds of loans together to sell to investors all over the world).

Some of the illegal violations committed by Wall Street when they securitized your loan, range from the violations of the illegal conversion of your Mortgage or Trust Deed into securities, to IRS tax evasion schemes, to the illegal separation of your note and mortgage, the violations to the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) to defraud homeowners and investors, and violations of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, the Trust Agreement, and more!

The Securities Fraud Lawsuit document Includes the latest, and most powerful legal authorities guaranteed to stop your foreclosure dead in its tracks,foreclosures and get your home back Free & Clear!

The Homeowners Revolt has 15 years of Civil Litigation experience, and a Nationwide network of law firm affiliates, that separate them from their competitors,mortgage backed securities and put them on the cutting edge of foreclosure defense. Simply, no other company compares.

The Homeowners Revolt, allows you to instantly download your "Securities Fraud Lawsuit" Document.

They are one of the MOST POWERFUL foreclosure fighting document sites on the Internet!

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