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Reproductive System In Human Body

id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">Basically every living being has an instinct for survival and preserving species from extinction. Living things reproduce to preserve his life. Way of breeding living things is called reproduction. While the reproductive system is an organ system that supports the process of reproduction.

In humans, the reproductive system is ready and mature at the time of puberty (puberty). It is characterized by the occurrence of changes in the change in us. Examples of the men have wet dreams and bigger sound, and in menstruating women and breasts become large. This means that we are already in puberty (adult). But for the record do not use this reproductive system before the wedding because it can cause negative and could damage our future.

Take care your reproductive system from deseases. Im sure that you know, there are many disease that infect the reproductive system organ.

I think, its enough. I have source about reproductive system in human body. This source in indonesian. So, If you are from indonesia, its perfect for you.

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