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Facts About Landmark Education Cult

Landmark education cult falls under the self-development industry. It has been around for a long time and has helped many people who have attended the sessions. There has been a lot of misinformation about landmark on several reviews. However, these remarks are made by people who have not attended the sessions and are solely based on malice. People who have attended the Landmark forum cult sessions can attest to the usefulness and authenticity of the program. Landmark does not purport to have an answer to everybody's problems. They also do not want to cause any conflicts within different spiritual and cultural beliefs. The principle aim of the sessions is to offer personal growth with the use of discussions and practical lessons. The following are essential facts about the Landmark education cult.

Has been around for long

Landmark has been around since 1991 when it was founded. The education program was started with the aim of helping people to achieve personal growth and self-development. A large number of people have attended the Landmark forum cult sessions over the years. It has thus helped many people from different walks of life. The education program admits anyone with a sound mind and is willing to attend a three-day and night conference. Since its inception, the program does not discriminate against any race, gender, age or belief.

Available across the world

Landmark education cult is available across different parts of the world. Sessions have been held in over 20 countries across 6 continents. This has enabled many people to learn about the self-help programs from landmark. The sessions have encouraged people from different cultures to interact and share different ideas. This is greatly helpful since it helps the participants to view different issues on a wider perspective. Participants of the Landmark forum cult sessions also benefit from different lessons as they dialogue with other people from different walks of life.

Wide assortment of programs

There is a wide assortment of programs available from the Landmark education cult. These include personal growth programs and corporate programs. The corporate programs encourage people in an organization to interact and share experiences. This enhances the productivity of an organization. The personal programs are aimed at encouraging people to interact with others. They also help to boost self-esteem of the participants. The Landmark forum cult also encourages the participants to have concern about the plight of other people.

Conducted in a classroom format

The sessions are conducted in a classroom format, where the participants discuss amongst themselves. Participants in the Landmark education cult sessions are grouped into different classes. These classes are led by a leader, who is also the moderator. He/she issues different topics for discussions. The participants are supposed to comment about the different issues raised and give their personal opinions. The participants also get to listen to the opinions of other people in the group. The Landmark forum cult moderator also issues practical assignments to the participants. They are supposed to interact and do the project as a group.

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