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Why Do Men Love Playing Video Games For Six Reasons

Video games have been getting a bad reputation among many people these days, and it seems that many women (who make good points) are increasingly frustrated by their guys to spend more time playing games with video that they devote to their relationship.
So, I do not mean that women are not just the situation, or that men are to blame for the game too, but people have very good reasons and specific involvement with video games. For most men, playing video games at the best of fun, interesting, and may even become the experience of stress release. Here are some reasons why men love to play video games so much.

1. We’re competitive
Men is almost always competitive at some level. Height, weight and athletic ability really play no role in our experience of PS3. This kind of game is the ultimate playground equal to men because all those involved basically start with exactly the same character or team. Thus, even if your friends can you run slim down on Madden or kick ass in Street Fighter 2. And have you seen the Xbox Live? There are dozens of achievements and gamer in the game that everybody play pit against each other for supremacy as free time.

2. You can watch and rent movies on most consoles
Internet connection has really moved the video game consoles in the forefront of many media / entertainment systems. You can surf the web, check your Facebook, and even tweet your console. You can also add your Netflix queue on your console and watch movies instantly. In addition, the PS3 is a Blu-ray player. It is often easier to look at the media and hassle free. Thus, we can watch "Legally Blonde" with our beautiful friend... just after we infiltrate and nuke arsenal. Beware if they ever combine the two, especially if you're Reese Witherspoon.
3. Friends
Video gamers aren’t the lonely guys in their basement anymore. There has always been this belief that men who play video games are loner, loser type of guys, but these days all the major consoles have large internet gaming communities such as Xbox Live that connect players to other players all around the globe. You could be running special ops with a buddy in Nevada or watching Peyton Manning cheaply throw passes over your head thanks to an unknown opponent in Bangalore in a matter of seconds. Either way, we are interacting with friends and fellow gamers all over the world. Oddly enough, video games have probably become one of the more socially active hobbies you can have these days.
4. We got this giant TV for that reason
Look how cool to watch TV! I think that point they did it on purpose! This TV just to play Rock Band. Or stones and passing on the Xbox and watch visual splash.
5. They’re fun
I mean we all know that this is correct? Patients graphics, the game is more intense than ever, and games nowadays are just plain fun for people of all sizes and ages. So now I've made my spiel we get one, Mom?
6. We really like grenade launchers
Like many. You will find a single person who does not immediately fascinate by the idea of possessing a grenade launcher. They are big, they are strong, and when we go to the nearest military base to ask if you can "borrow" one for "personal reasons", the guards will never give us. Grenade launcher video games are as close as most people learn to send grenades wildly full fairing Nazi soldiers or (perhaps) an abandoned drug dens full C-4. That's why we like July 4, however, the men love it when things are constantly expanding. It was good for us, since day 1, and it will remain so until the monkey dirty digs virtual grenades hands are cold and dead.