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What Professions Are There In Rift - Detailed Introduction

"Rift" is developed by the American Trion Worlds is currently in the first test stage, before high-profile dynamic crack system, soul tree talent system and other characteristics have been shown in front of each player. Today we introduced the professional setting in detail.
Professional introduction - warrior
Weapons, strategies and skills are the mainstay of soldiers. The barbarian attacked villages, and paladins commanded army. All need personal exercise and military training. All the soldiers are proficient at melee combat, good at moving and finding chances to counterattack. Along with the element force approximation to Tenara world, more and more soldiers integrate the magic into attitude.
Whether individual combat, or a group marching, soldiers are enough to deal with, it depends on what kind of skills they master, and what kind of game they like. Soldiers this career, don't have the same class background. But hard training, delicate attitude and strong nature let them spirit communication. Whether noble savage or fallen holy knight, everyone is equal on the battlefield.
Professional introduction - the priest
At first, the priest made a contract with and the weak spirit of the element, became the earliest magic users of Tenara. They continue to grope, and contact with more powerful creature, then more touch the demon, the evil spirit and even the god field. These hierophants follow the different precepts, and some people only believe in the minority spirit. Others maintain the broad beliefs.
The priests are the most wisdom and knowledge, but the spirit and faith are higher than all. When the priest concentrate, can resist all danger, this force comes from powerful gods that ordinary people are difficult to understand. And the specific image of these gods depends on each pastor faith source and admonished way.
Professional introduction - the mage
At the beginning of the world, biological spirit and plane element all produced significant influence on the world forming. Mortal witnessed plane walkers calling the elemental force from outside, then to see the basic structure of arcane magic. With constantly research and the repeated experiment, the ancient mage finally can no longer rely on the gods and spirit, using the power of the elements alone. After a general idea of element spell, the mage will focus on specific elements, desiderate with proficient skills to play full potential of this kind of element.
Magic research depends on collective wisdom. Mages often get together, and share skills, and discuss the research results. The Tenara history, there are numerous magic college ups and downs. There are two of the most famous colleges: one is Mercury College, and Matthew apprentice worship is under the door of the elven master, studying magic skill. Another place is located in the Meridian City, have built soon. The fate of the scholars is finishing material, trying to recover the ancient knowledge of ace people.
Professional introduction - the ranger
Melee history can be traced back to the prehistoric era of Tenara. The war at that time was savage, straightforward and lack of the art of composition. Any rider can tell you, that is the soldier's heyday. Rangers own history was much shorter. One day, people finally find skills and muscles are the same effect.
The ranger's martial arts, inherited from a master of many made pie. Rangers must have rich experience and mental agility. In the city, Rangers used shadow and camouflage, to track the target. In the rural area, Rangers mastered the secrets of nature, raised and trained beast of prey. There are some ranger, will strengthen weapon with the magic.
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