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Software Toko Program Kasir Terbaik

Omega Accounting : Best Software Store Cashier Program in the Indonesian language is "software toko program kasir terbaik" is the product of Omega Accounting dedicated to assist and facilitate business performance shop, especially for the financial management and transaction activity. This software Store Cashier Program is suitable for medium and large businesses such as shops and mini supermarkets which have many branches and scattered in various cities.

Since Omega Accounting is an online accounting software is the fastest multi-branch, supported encryption connection technology Lintasnusa (ELSA) which connects corporate accounting data, inter-regional, regional, city, province, until the country though. In addition, Omega Accounting is supported by a security system specifically encrypted, so that data from all maintained a dangerous security threats such as SQL injection, corrupted data due to viruses, hacker attacks, and data theft.

Omega Online POS - software toko program kasir terbaik (Best Software Store Cashier Program) of Omega Accounting in Indonesia can optimize profits by printing each store sales data centrally so that the management can run effectively and efficiently.

Public Benefits of Best Software Store Cashier Program

Omega Online POS - Software toko program kasir terbaik from Omega Accounting can optimize profits by capturing sales data centrally on each outlet so that the management can run effectively and efficiently. Customer loyalty is also further enhanced by the prevailing system of global membership online. With this, your business revenue can be increased many times over in just a glance.

Retail Chain Store : Product Life Cycle latest information collected from hundreds of stores your related lifestyle product movement, inventory and sales, to produce the best strategy. Now a quick decision to re-order a product and selling promotion is within your grasp.

Food & Beverages : Fully monitor the availability of raw materials at every booth you, then the service can be made more optimal. Menu favorites in each outlet can be known from the data live, so the combination package of the menu can be made.

Supermarket / Minimarket : Ease of keeping keersediaan stock turnover can optimize your booth in the face minimal storage space, but the result remains the maximum.

Redundant : Connectivity to the Internet server data center is an absolute must in the online realtime systems. Redundant systems utilizing alternative connection point, which is a solution to meet those needs. And finally, all branches can stay connected to the center without worrying.

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