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Reset Windows Password By Four Steps-for Real

Have you meet some questions about Windows password reset? This article will tell you some efficient methods to reset your lost or forgotten windows password on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008/2003/2000. Just need four steps for each method. Take it easy if you meet these problems:
1. How to reset windows XP password? Someone has changed my windows XP login password for administrator and user account. I am trying lot to login it but it doesn’t work. How to reset it?
2. How can I reset windows vista password from my toshiba laptop? I have a dell laptop with windows vista, i don’t have the administrator password and i don’t know how to reset it. I would really like to be able to do it using an F key. When i try using safe mode it just takes me to the sign in page.
3. How to reset administrator password on windows 7? I forgot my Windows 7 administrator password. Is there a method I can use to reset it or bypass the windows 7 password. I do not want to lose everything! Thanks for your time!
4. How to find out or crack domain administrator password? I am a domain user and i want to find out what is the domain administrator password. How can i do it? There is no CD-ROM do the machine. So what is the way I can find or crack it?

The experiment proved that recover a windows password is not so troublesome now. Get to the point, let’s start the four steps!


Method 1: Reset Windows password with another administrator account. (For all Windows versions)


Here we take Windows 7 password reset for example. If you have an account with admin privilege, you can reset password easily. The accounts also include the built-in or default admin account in system. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Login Acer laptop with a user account which has admin privilege.

Step 2: Click Start, type lusrmgr.msc in the search box and press Enter key.

Step 3: Open “Users”, right-click a user account which you want to reset its password and select “Set password…”

Step 4: Type a new password and input it again to confirm, click “OK”.



Method 2 Use Windows password reset disk to reset Windows password. (For Windows 7/Vista/XP)


In Windows 7/XP/Vista, we can create a password reset disk with CD or USB drive for our Windows password. When we lost the password, we can use it easily reset it. But note that when we change the Windows password we need to create a new reset disk for it. Here we take Windows 7 password reset disk for example. Click here to learn how to create Windows password reset disk in win7. If you ready have a reset disk, follow the steps bellow:

Step 1: In the welcome screen, type your user name and a wrong password, click OK. It will show you logon failed and there is a hint “reset password…”.


Step 2: Insert your password reset disk and click “Reset password”, it will show you the “Password Reset Wizard”. Click “Next” to continue.


Step 3: Choose the disk from the drop-down list which you just inserted, click “Next”.

Step 4: Type a new password in the Type a new password box, and then type it again to confirm. In the hint box, type a hint for the password or not, and then click “Next→Finish”. Then you can access Windows 7 again by the new password.


Method 3: Use professional password recovery software to help reset Windows password. (For all Windows versions)


If you have a bootable CD/USB drive, some password tools can be burn to it and you can boot your computer from USB to run the software, so that you can reset Windows system password with CD or USB.

Such as Windows Password Rescuer, Spower Windows Password Reset, Password Recovery Bundle 2012, here I just list the simple steps:

Step 1: Download Windows Password Rescuer/Password Recovery Bundle 2012 and install it on another computer you can access.

Step 2: Insert a blank CD/USB drive and run the software to burn the program to it.

Step 3: BIOS setting of your locked computer to boot form CD or USB.

Step 4: Reset Windows password on a friendly window after Windows Password Rescuer starts.

You also can use Windows Password Rescuer to add a new user with administrator privilege to your Windows without login. With this new user account you can logon your locked computer directly.

Just like Windows 7 password reset:


If you want to reset domain password on Windows server 2008/2003/2000, I highly recommend you to use Windows Password Rescuer Advanced. This is the fastest way for domain password recovery and fit for computer novice.