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Is It Safe To Download Limewire?

Many computer tech experts associate spywares with peer to peer networks that allow computer users to download files directly from other computers. P2P network sharing programs also became popular as there is no need for a centralized server to store files for download. As long as a computer user installs and uses P2P program such as Limewire, files can be easily searched and downloaded. To upload files to the network, users only have to share access of files with other users in the network. Experts warn people not to download Limewire because of the dangers involved in sharing across P2P networks. This has nothing to do with the program itself. So, if you are interested in having access to numerous free entertainment sources, you should learn more about the right way to use P2P networks to reap the benefits.

Malware and adware can damage your computer if you download them from P2P programs like Limewire. So, computer experts believe that downloading and installing P2P programs will infect the computer for sure. However, the reality is different. The open source P2P program provides unlimited access to high speed file downloads without the dangers of spyware. There are millions of users in the popular Gnutella peer to peer network and several millions of files are available for download. If you are careful about downloading and using these files, you can stay away from spyware.

There is no central body in the P2P network to regulate sharing and downloading of files when you download Limewire. It becomes the responsibility of the users to protect their computers from viruses and spyware. The chances of spyware spreading to your computer are high when you download a file that is already infected with spyware. When there are millions of users willingly accepting files from other computers, hackers and malicious people try to spread virus and spyware by deceiving users. Spyware and virus may get downloaded to your computer in disguise and this can happen only if you don't regulate your sharing and downloading practices.

To be safe while using Limewire, you have to update your computer with latest antivirus and antispyware tools. There are many freeware programs available and they are as good as commercial ones. Many of these programs automatically scan downloaded files before opening and you should activate this feature to ensure that no spyware or virus gets downloaded to your computer without your authorization. This general rule of thumb is applicable for every file you download via internet because any file downloaded from another source is exposed to spyware risks.

There are unnecessary privacy concerns with download Limewire as it is falsely believed that P2P programs share everything in the hard drive. Limewire Plus program has a default sharing folder and any file you store in this folder will be shared in the network. No other files will be open for other users. It is your responsibility to ensure that you share only those files that can be accessed by other users. With sharing and downloading moderation on your part, you will only have more to gain from P2P file sharing programs.  

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