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How To Fix Slow Computer

Some of the important factors and points are mentioned below.

Hardware status
Hardware is an essential part of any computer system. Unless you've a great hardware configuration you cannot get the maximum speed and performance out of it. Also if any of your hardware is not compatible or broken, no computer program, registry cleaner or any other software would help you to boost your PC performance for sure.

Physical memory
Memory is also very important segment in order to get a complete and great system. If the memory (RAM) is not sufficient programs will not load into the memory and subsequently they won't execute. Thus sufficient memory is required always to get a speedy PC

Corrupt drivers
A corrupt set of drivers and software patches can also create slow computer problem in your computer. Incompatible drivers can also create many other computer problems such as blue screen of death, computer freezing and many more. Uninstall the corrupt and incompatible drivers and reinstall them.

Remove too many programs from your computer
If you've lots of unwanted programs in your computer and you do not use them, it is advised to remove some of the programs so that your computer gets some hard drive space and release some system resources. This is one of the major and important PC repair tasks.

Virus and other malware infection
Computer virus and other malware infection is the greatest cause making a computer run slow. If any kind of infection is present in your computer it can make many issues in the system. Slow computer is one of the majors among them. A good reliable and updated antivirus program can eliminate all kinds of viruses and other infections from your computer