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Evasi0n Jailbreak: What You Need To Know About This Software

If you have been an Apple user for quite a while, you probably know by now how troublesome it is when you want to install a program or an application only to be forced to give up on your idea because the manufacturer has applied certain restrictions. Luckily somebody has thought about all of those iPhone users who are getting less what than they deserve even though they paid serious amounts of money for their devices. To meet these people’s requirements a team of developers named Evad3rs has created a software program called Evasi0n, designed especially to jailbreak and strip Apple branded devices running iOS of their limitations. In this article we will discuss some of the benefits and advantages associated with using evasi0n jailbreak.

No matter what reasons you may have for being an iPhone user and how much you love the brand, we are sure that at one point in the product’s lifespan you wished you would have bought a phone with fewer restrictions.  There are apps and tweaks out there which respond the urgent needs of almost any phone owner. Why not have access to them when the solution is quite easy? Let’s review some of these applications to see how exactly they can improve the efficiency of our iPhone.

With the help of Evasi0n, basic users, for example, have access to some tweaks which allow them to maneuver SBSettings however they please. Using this feature you will have the possibility to put shortcuts to settings you use more frequently on a screen or have them all stored in one place. Some of these could be regular settings such as air-plane mode, lock, WiFi access, brightness, bluetooth, whereas others may be special settings downloaded from Cydia (Evad3r’s software application from which users can install fun and useful software packages).

Another feature is quite appealing to iPhone users is called “Barrel”. This tweak allows the phone owner to select a special effect which will be used when transitioning from one page to another. The screen will go from one page to another looking like you are scrolling the exterior or interior faces of a cube, for example. Cyadin has several such tweaks available and it will be up to you to decide which one you find the most appealing.

If you are looking for a tweak which will unable the iOS system from going full screen, when you receive a call, you easily opt for the “Callbar” feature. Its main function will be to alert the phone users that he or she is receiving a call through a bar, placed at the top of the screen. This will allows access to the rest of the menu even though you are receiving a call.

For those of you who are interested in installing an application which can easily transform an iPhone into a rooter for wireless, we suggest you try “MyWi” or “TetherMe”. However, before having any of these two installed, you should be properly informed on the matter to ensure your carrier does not charge you extra for sharing your access to the Internet with other people.

These are just a tiny few of the “liberties” jailbreak has to offer, and you can easily find out more one the matter by visiting the developers’ website.

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