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Cloud Based Services Enter The Automotive Space

If you had to have a separate electronic device for every application or service that is now available over the internet that would amount to owning a very large number of sophisticated and expensive gadgets indeed. The overall cost would be really high and managing so many devices quite a pain. This is where cloud computing comes in to save the tech-savvy consumer of today by providing a host of cloud based services. The only thing you should be careful of is the network security working on your system.



Cloud based services depend highly on a good networking service and hence network security is of high importance. The largest enterprises employ the best network service providers as it is the network which forms the backbone of their success. Cloud based systems require utmost level of network security to ensure no unauthorized access. Since most cloud based services use a pay-per-use concept, if secure network is not present it becomes a direct breach of the consumer’s trust which can lead to a complete breakdown of the system and its eventual failure.



Cloud based services are entering the automotive space in a big way as the consumer is becoming more and more at ease with the concept of ‘being connected while on the move’. Since space is always a matter of constraint in an automobile, having a consolidated interface to access the host of services and applications available becomes the key. A car is now like a mobile phone; everybody has one and everybody wants to have more and more features on it. With the advent of 3G and 4G networks, this no longer is a faraway dream.



Wouldn’t it be amazingly convenient if you could access the devices in your home while travelling? Say, if you could monitor a laptop which is being used in your house while you are driving to work. There are specific platforms now which allow you to remotely monitor and access devices in your home like computers, laptops, CCTV cameras and a host of home appliances. This would certainly make that unbelievably high electricity bills drop, if you could control and monitor the usage of energy in the household even when you are far away. Such services are now available over the cloud and are being integrated in automobiles to enable the frequent traveller to have a secure home while being away.



Network security becomes a concern when such cloud based services are being provided within an automobile. With many big and reputed network service providers now entering the arena of cloud computing in automobiles, network security is certainly taken care of. The service providers use the most advanced methods of user authentication to ensure no unauthorized access. Network security being the backbone of the customers trust, they are willing to pay more for better value-added services over a secure platform.



With cloud based services making the car a ‘mini-home’ the concept of ‘home away from home’ is indeed starting to hold true for the frequent driver. The advent of cloud based services and enhanced network security solution has thus revolutionized the automobile industry as well as it has made the idea of being connected at all times a reality for today’s consumer.

Cloud based services have entered the automotive space in a big way. The key to a successful cloud computing system is having impeccable network security.