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Teaching Is A Noble Profession

A teacher is one who has passion to learn everyday and educate students acquire their skills and knowledge. Teaching is one of the noblest professions on earth. The teachers are the pillars of society for they educate and mould the future citizens of a country. Besides knowledge, a good character and conduct are taught by a teacher. A teacher plays prominent role in building the character of a student more than his father and mother. So a teacher must be noblest first. Teaching requires, apart from the requisite education and degree, a flair for interacting with the students and a capability of explaining things in clear lucid terms to the students. Rousing the students from their apathetical slumber and watching their interest grow in studies is the greatest reward for a teacher. For being a good teacher you not only need to be wise but also be patient and understanding. Teachers not only augment a student's intellect but also contribute to the well rounded development of his or her personality.† A secure career, great monetary compensation and regular annual vacations are enticing hordes of promising young men and women to join this teaching profession.

How to be a noblest teacher?

The important qualities to develop to become a teacher of noblest are,

Patience: It is hard to be patient, but teaching needs high patience. Patience, enough to clarify the doubts of students many times, to teach them several times, not to lose temper and in many aspects. Continues exploration: Knowledge is an ocean. So continues exploration of subject is a mandatory quality. Studentís learning attitude changes with generations. So it is important to go parallel with the coming generations. Moreover updating knowledge can change our thinking and approach to deal with different students. Self-motivation: It is an important quality to have for a teacher. Teaching is an art. The best way to incorporate knowledge into a student mind must be selected by the teacher. He needs to do everything by his own. For this, a teacher must be able to self-motivate and educate students.

Along with these qualities sound educational qualification is very important for a teacher. A bachelor in education (B.Ed) is the basic qualification needed but Masters in education (M.Ed) can give sound confidence for teaching.

As educational institutes vie for the best faculty, teaching jobs have become attractive more than ever before. Salaries of teachers are also rising and, apart from being a secure professional career, a teacher's job also entails shorter working hours and regular annual vacations. In conclusion, teachers as they have the mettle and opportunity to build and mould students as future citizens and develop national integrity, teaching profession is noblest of all!