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Sia Training For The Cctv Operative

The use of Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) is an important tool to assist security professionals in the course of their duties. While Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) operatives may not be at the coal face of the security industry, operatives play one of the most important roles in preserving and protecting life and property. In many instances CCTV operatives have a greater responsibility than security officers during the course of undertaking their duties as they are required to carefully analyse events as they occur in real time so that they can record evidence and allocate security resources to counter any threat which may arise. To become competent in this role there is a necessity to undertake detailed CCTV training to ensure that this important tool can be used to its full potential.

The Security Industry Authority has mandated the necessary CCTV training that operatives are required to undertake prior to gaining an SIA license which will allow people to operate Public Space Surveillance devices as part of their employment. A basic requirement for obtaining an SIA licence to operate CCTV devices is to undertake an SIA training course which will allow you obtain a Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance). The SIA training which is provided when undertaking the Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations is detailed and provides all those wishing to enter the security industry as a CCTV operator with the skills and attributes necessary to become proficient in the use and maintenance of CCTV equipment.

The security industry is evolving and there is a higher demand being placed on the use of CCTV within the industry to increase the professionalism and achievements of security providers within the community. However, with the higher demand which is being placed on the use of CCTV means that the Security Industry Authority is also keen to ensure that the industry takes the necessary steps to keep up with this demand by only deploying CCTV operatives who have the necessary competencies which will ensure that CCTV remains an effective tool for the security industry. To ensure that this is the case the Security Industry Authority has been very specific in the SIA training which is necessary for potential CCTV operatives before they embark upon a career within the security industry.

For those interested in entering the security industry as a CCTV operative, it is imperative that they gain their training through a reputable SIA training provider to ensure that they learn the skills and competencies to operate the wide range of CCTV equipment they will come across. There is more to being a CCTV operative than merely watching camera footage, CCTV operatives need to have the ability to analyse the footage they are watching so that it can be appropriately acted upon. Approved SIA training is sure to set future CCTV operatives in the enviable position of becoming part of today’s highly trained and professional security industry where reliance is being placed on the technical knowledge of security providers.